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Application support

A support offering for critical applications

A turnkey approach for the management of support functions

How can we transform support activity into a business lever for the company? Reduce support costs while improving end-user satisfaction? ALTEN addresses the business challenges of Application Support.

The group works on industrialising support activities through transformation methodology based on ITIL and focusing on the client’s business, in order to optimise incident trouble-shooting time and to reduce ticket cost.

This offer is part of a process of continuous improvement through a Kanban type Lean approach, associated with a progress plan and adaptive reporting for operational follow-up,

Thanks to its organisation capable of handling a major change in incident volumes, ALTEN offers forms of assistance that are easily adaptable in the shape of managed services contracts (KPI, SLA), also offering hosting potential in dedicated delivery centres, fitted with Call Centre type infrastructures.

Project referenceApplication Support for traders and related professions

Following an internal reorganisation, a financing and investment bank was obliged to reduce its overall support cost and at the same time improve internal customer satisfaction.

Against this backdrop, ALTEN offered to set up an application support service centre, with a commitment to results and a scope of 120 applications.

ALTEN took into account the specific nature of the customer’s business, to produce a Quality Assurance Plan. It also adopted a process of gradual implementation of the project organisation, that led to integration of the whole raft of support activities in a service catalogue.

ALTEN’s assistance had a direct impact on the customer’s operational efficiency after six months, enabling it to offer SLAs for the end users. It also meant that the ticket cost was 8% lower, and gave annual productivity gains of 2% minimum.


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