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Customer support


One of the challenges faced by aircraft manufacturers is to meet delivery times for orders placed by airline companies. Another challenge is to optimise the rate of availability for aircraft in operation and provide innovative and diversified services to both companies and their customers. Customer Support is a key lever when it comes to harnessing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Revolutionising services in the field of Aerospace and Defence

75% of aerospace and defence executives interviewed as part of an international study* think that the competitiveness of customer service will become “critical” in the coming years. However, only 53% say they have developed a dedicated Customer Support strategy, and 85 % agree that progress is needed in this area. The development of a culture of service within their company will, for one half of respondents, present the main challenge in achieving their goals in this area.

Innovative services with high added value

Industry stakeholders must secure the best possible partners in order to meet these new challenges. ALTEN offers its expertise in Customer Support throughout the product’s life cycle: aircraft modification to improve performance, support and services for the safety of operations, technical documentation and integrated logistical support, aircraft maintenance engineering to ensure effective support in terms of quality, cost and time, training and innovative IT solutions. ALTEN offers turnkey solutions, leveraging knowledge from the research and design departments, and including technical documentation, management of the supply chain, maintainability and airworthiness.
Developing customer service will enable operators to grow qualitative competitiveness in order to set themselves apart from the competition, retain customers and establish new markets. The added value of ALTEN Group lies with its ability to provide all clients with reliable, wide-ranging, integrated, innovative and high added value services.

* Accenture Global Survey 2011

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