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Innovation in energy and environment

Environment and sustainability became immensely important in advanced technologies within the last years, and will become even more important in the future. That is why ALTEN Germany has its focus on innovation in environmental technologies.

One of the main points in the automotive sector is the emissions reduction, e-mobility and alternative powertrains, particularly in the field of hybrid vehicles. Further, weight optimization and lightweight construction are in the focus of ALTEN’s R&D activities, in the automotive sector as well as in aerospace.

The German environmental technology sector (wind energy, photovoltaic and biomass) is extremely well positioned in international markets, with manufacturers of wind energy plants enjoying a world market share of almost 28 %.

One of the world’s leading supplier is currently supported by ALTEN within the wind energy sector through project management and wind park simulation, as well as HSE support for wind energy offshore, working on transmission platforms and wind parks.

Research and development of advanced technologies in the field of environment is the key for sustainable and climate-friendly energy systems. Therefore ALTEN in Germany is putting a focus – amongst others – on renewable energy. Within the last years ALTEN has established itself as a key actor in this sector.

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