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Infrastructure, Security

Adapting corporate networks and telecommunications to business challenges

Infrastructure & Security

How do you deal with the changes in use modes (BYOD, mobility, etc.), the acceleration of technological advances (all-IP, virtualisation, etc.) or the quest to improve QOS (Quality Of Service)?  ALTEN takes a holistic approach, accepting responsibility for assistance with project management, architecture, integration and management of roll-out, support and management of security for corporate network and telecom infrastructures, doing so via its specialised entities.

Project referenceInfrastructure Design and Safety in a Customer Relations & Branch Telephone Centre


Our client, a retail bank, had to redesign the architecture of its Branch Telephone system, and the infrastructure of its customer relations centres following the merger of its information system with that of another bank. To meet this challenge, ALTEN established a multi-business function service centre in charge of Branch telephony, customer relations and workstation centres.

In particular, it took responsibility for development, accreditation, project management and Support & Security operations. It also worked on a banking business-oriented client support activity, and design of the architecture. Finally, ALTEN developed security-focused expertise by ensuring that security requirements were taken into consideration across the full cycle of the projects undertaken.

Project referenceLevel 2 Security Network Technical Support

SI_InfraSecu2A retail and investment bank wished to make sure that its security policies were implemented according to pre-established times and priorities, with the aim of ensuring the full and continued integrity of its information system. ALTEN thus set up a Level 2 Security Support Service Centre to meet the objectives of establishing a model for Industrial delivery, financial streamlining and improvement of operating efficiency, and flexible managed organisation (KPI, SLA) capable of catering to a major increase in incident volumes.

Infrastructure, networks, telecommunications