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Evolution of Telecommunications on a European scale

Towards the creation of a single European telecoms market?

There are now nearly 140 operators in Europe, as opposed to just four in the United States and three in China. They are all vulnerable to the economic downturn and so have become easy targets for foreign companies. In this context, the European Commission is pressing for the development of a single European telecoms market, using a concentration of players in order to obtain more transnational groups able to provide services on a unified regulatory basis.

The objectives of a single market are to simplify regulations, coordinate the allocation of frequency bands, reduce the number of participants, cut costs, eliminate roaming, better protect network neutrality, redress Europe’s shortfall with high-speed broadband and develop the telecom technologies of tomorrow.

Europe must not lose the mobile war

Although these proposals are not yet validated, discussions on this project have led to a veritable revolution in Europe with the emergence of pan-European players and uniform, simple, and “seamless” services, facilitating mobility for users throughout Europe. Consequently, now more than ever the major European Telecoms players need to be supported by a leading expert in telecoms services. For several years, ALTEN has been developing a comprehensive European approach owing to its strong position in several countries: France, Spain, Italy, Benelux, Sweden and Germany. The group also has onshore development platforms in Romania and offshore platforms in India, for example, which competitively serve European projects.

With over 2,000 telecommunications engineers, ALTEN serves all stakeholders: operators, suppliers, service and content providers, user companies etc.

The Group collaborated with and is recognised by the majority of European Telecoms players, implementing national and transnational projects, and is capable of delivering quality service solutions owing to its high level of expertise, be it in engineering, application development, network deployment, etc.


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