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Telco Italie

A broad offer of TECHNO and TLC Solutions

The Techno division satisfies the Customers’ needs in the R&D of technology-intensive business sectors, offering specific skills likewise:

  • Project Management
  • Process Analysis
  • Embedded & Real Time Software
  • Mechanical & Electrical Design
  • System, Software and Hardware Validation
  • Firmware & Hardware Design
  • RAMS
  • Technical Documentation

ALTEN Italia Techno solutions and Centres Of Excellence (CoE) are:

  • RAMS CoE
  • Mechanical design CoE


The Telco division provides consulting services to fixes & mobile operators, telco manufacturers and service providers, dealing with the development and operations of: BSS, OSS, Mobile Networks, Fixed Networks, Transport Technologies, Intelligent Network & IMS.

The division supports operators in Network engineering, development and maintenance and quality assurance.

Thanks to its Service Management Structure, ALTEN Italia is also able to manage the governance and delivery of technical activities in accordance with the service levels agreed with customers (SLA based services).

The division deals with the management of services in the NMC departments, the provision of technical assurance activities for fixed and mobile networks , the optimization and planning of mobile radio networks , the deployment of new technology layers such as LTE and the swap of networks elements.

The Telco division offers also solutions for the monitoring of network devices and applications, which are designed to analyze the dynamics of the customer base churn rate. By means of root cause analysis and algorithms  these applications allow a greater focus on customer experience through the analysis and monitoring of customer behavior.

Some of the solutions offered by the division are  used also for quality assurance : designed to enable process automation, these solutions allow massive operations on incident management, as well as an efficient integration with the most important tools for incident management .