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Jean-Marc Letournel, TECHNIP

Jean-Marc LETOURNEL is Senior Vice President Business & Technology Offshore at TECHNIP. He explains for ALTEN  what are the issues of the Oil & Gas sector and looks back on his relationship with ALTEN. 

Our R&D strategy is fully integrated into our business approach.


One of the challenges facing the planet is how to maximise fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Technip has become an undisputed leader in this market, securing major contracts for advanced technologies such as FLNG (floating liquefied natural gas), for deepwater fields and for extreme environments such as the Arctic. Despite a perceptible slowdown in global investment in the short and medium term, we are continuing to see a drive among oil and gas companies to keep existing facilities in operation and to boost production capacity, as evidenced by the GirRi and Moho projects in West Africa.

The challenges ahead are partly technological. In the 1990s, offshore drilling traditionallytook place at depths of between 150 and 200 m. Since 2000, we have seen this increase to depths of more than 2000 m, thanks to the development of FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading) and now FLNG. Technip is a world leader in this market, with contracts for the Shell Prelude FLNG project and the Petronas FLNG1 project in a consortium with the Samsung and Daewoo shipyards in South Korea. With oil and gas reserves situated at greater depths and in more extreme conditions, Technip is constantly facing new challenges, as demonstrated for example by the Aasta Hansteen platform project for Statoil above the Arctic Circle.

To overcome these technological challenges, Technip’s R&D strategy is fully integrated into its business approach, the aim being to meet future technological challenges by offering its customers high value-added propositions. Technip now has a record order book of €16.6 billion at end-2013, which represents almost two whole years of activity. The priority now is to deliver projects at a profit and without compromising on safety, keeping our customers happy while at the same time adhering to the highest standards in terms of quality, cost and time.”

Working with ALTEN

In our industry, particularly offshore and subsea, the main challenge is for the company to have the right resources to deliver projects. The human factor is crucial to Technip projects, so we look for responsive partners who understand our needs and are able to provide us with creative, passionate engineers with solid leadership skills.

ALTEN is one of Technip’s most important partners in region A (Western Europe, Africa, India and Pakistan), a key region for our company. We are extremely pleased with the business arrangement and with the quality of service. We have major projects in the pipeline, and we are counting on ALTEN to deliver.”

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