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online bank

A key new channel for financial institutions

The Internet has profoundly changed the behaviour of users of banking services: online banking transactions, more frequent access to accounts through applications, development of remote and 100% online banking… Are connected devices the bankers of tomorrow?

Consumers prefer their mobile phone to their banker


With changing usage reinforced by the increasing use of internet and mobile devices, remote banking has in a very short time become a new and inescapable distribution medium for institutional banking. A Médiamétrie/NetRatings study published in June 2013 has confirmed just how buoyant the market has become. It indicates that more than four web users out of five now manage their accounts on the internet, and that nearly half of smartphone (49%) and tablet (46%) users have already downloaded a financial application, primarily that offered by their bank. The study also reveals that 17% of users would even be willing to consider opening an account with a “pure player” online bank. Changes in user behaviour coupled with the increase in high-speed broadband connections are fundamentally changing banking.

In order to support the best participants in the sector through these developments, ALTEN offers high-level technical and functional responses, allowing them to become leaders in terms of service-provision. With a well-tested and expert service, the Group has a strong presence in national and international banking.

ALTEN currently handles, as part of a Directorate of Information Systems for a large French bank, projects including functional and technical design, implementation and certification of mobile applications and services (Internet portals, mobile applications, voice channels etc.) for end clients (individuals, professionals, companies and associations).  The Group offers innovative solutions to its clients in order to overcome the technical constraints, owing to issues of high availability of applications and to the security of data and transactions.  ALTEN, a leader in the field of new technologies, deploys its expertise in developing rich GUIs and mobile applications using JAVA/J2EE and HTML 5.  This critical project, which proceeds in the form of a Service Centre with a commitment to results, including 14 consultants, has within a few months become a showcase for ALTEN, recognised by all banking ISDs.

The smartphone, tomorrow’s wallet

Partnerships between banks, telecom operators and distributors continue to flourish. With the rise of smartphones and mobile devices, mobile payment seems a promising opportunity to all of these stakeholders.

However, whether it be the “m-wallet” (mobile wallet) or “m-banking”, currently more the focus of bank development, mobile payment has yet to be adopted by consumers accustomed to using classic means of payment. The following requirements have to be met: accessibility, convenience, user-friendliness, and also security.

Coordination between the various stakeholders is essential in achieving this. ALTEN, owing to its presence throughout the finance and services sector value chain, is taking its place as a catalyst in the development of tomorrow’s technologies.


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