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12.8%of revenue
in 2016

Technological challenges


Diversify Energy mix lies at the core of all countries energy strategy: Reducing dependence on nuclear & fossil fuel, which provides electricity at competitive costs, will be a long-term transitional process and requires the development of alternative energy forms which, although promising (solar, offshore wind), have not yet settled into an acceptable large-scale economic model. 


Nuclear power

The nuclear industry is still dynamic. It is guided by the development of new reactors or the extension of the life expectancy of power plants (called “Grand Carénage”). In France, the closure of the Fessenheim power plant and the starting up of the new generation EPR reactor in Flamanville are the stakes in these next years. For the international, the EPR UK also arouses consequent R&D investments.

In the longer term, EDF intends to develop and build 30 to 40 optimized EPR on the horizon 2050, which will be the substitute of the current park. Anticipate this renewal requires the development of solutions in order to lower the investments of these future programs: optimize the planning as well as commissioning costs remain a challenge.


Oil & Gas

In all the Oil&Gas industry, the fall of oil price has for consequences to decrease the number of exploration’s projects, the renegotiation of supplier’s contracts and the appeal to less complex technologies. The wave of fusions – acquisitions begun in 2014 is always on the agenda: for example Shell, by acquiring BG, intends to concentrate on the liquefied natural gas (GNL) market. All the oil-related service companies realize restructuring plans to face this crisis. The projects about studies of costs optimization are consequently a key challenge in the sector.


Renewable energies

The renewable energies lies at the core of the ecological stakes. However, the renewable energy part in the national electricity consumption drops with 0.2 % during 2015, passing from 19.5 % to 19.3 %. An adaptation of grids is necessary to reach the goals fixed by the government: a large amount of these new energies are intermittent. The answer to these problems would be the systems intelligence. Develop new storage technologies, associate various energies, pilot the demand in real time and anticipate needs in a precise way will allow the renewable energies to be durably established in the French energy system.



The environmental issues do not stop with energies concerns, waste and waste water treatment but also water desalination to obtain fresh water are so many challenges that industrials attempt to recover.


There are many projects of studies and design, allowing ALTEN to spread its offers in domains so varied as new equipment design and installations, major program management and the associated contracts, commissioning and operation of infrastructures, maintenance and upkeep, or the deployment of cross-functional jobs.


ALTEN Added value

More than 3,000 engineers working for manufacturers in the Energy sector.

  • Expertise in new build perimeters, maintenance and upkeep, commissioning and operation of oil-industry infrastructures.
  • Operating in all areas of the Energy sector: nuclear, Oil & Gas, Renewable energies & Environment
  • International operations: France, Germany, Sweden, the USA, India and China to support the development of our clients worldwide


Product & Service Supply

ALTEN developed an expertise on the whole life cycle of the energy, in France and worldwide. ALTEN main functional domains cover the electricity production line:  equipment’s design, transport, distribution and maintenance. 

A technical offer…

  • Design and Engineering
  • Realization and Construction
  • Commissioning and tests
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Dismantling


…completed by the control of cross-functional skills

  • Project and Contract management
  • Documentation
  • Supply Chain
  • Quality, Security, Safety, Hygiene

range of services

ALTEN offers different service levels to provide the best response to clients’ needs

Alten's 3 services

  • Engineering and Technology Consultancy

    77%of revenue
    in 2016

    Studies and conception of technological products, for technical divisions in industry.

  • Networks, Telecoms and Multimedia

    15%of revenue
    in 2016

    Engineering for product design (terminals or networking equipment) Network architecture, deployment and operation.

  • Information Systems

    8%of revenue
    in 2016

    Customised development of IT systems, for information systems departments in industry, telecoms and the service sector.

ALTEN, the European leader in engineering and technology consulting, provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and it systems.

Its 21,300 top engineers carry out studies and conception projects for the technical and information systems divisions of large corporate clients in the industrial, telecommunications and services sectors.


Energy Energy efficiency of buildings

The quest for energy efficiency consists in providing more effective solutions to optimise energy consumption across the entire value chain, including buildings, which alone account for 40% of energy consumption in France


Maintenance and Upkeep A response to the longer service life of energy farms and plants

While the commissioning and operation of energy facilities represent a considerable investment, the idea of lengthening their service life is more relevant than ever.


Innovation Smart Grids: developing an “intelligent network”

Confronted with a changing energy landscape and the emergence of new environmental issues, the grid needs to be redesigned for operators and consumers to be more proactive in the way they use energy.


Oil & Gas How do we respond to the new market challenges?

State-of-the-art technologies have led to the discovery of huge oil and gas fields. Often located in extreme environments, they require complex extraction and operational infrastructures.


Customer Success Jean-Marc Letournel, TECHNIP

Jean-Marc LETOURNEL is Senior Vice President Business & Technology Offshore at TECHNIP. He explains for ALTEN  what are the issues of the Oil & Gas sector and looks back on his relationship with ALTEN.  Our R&D strategy is fully integrated into our business approach. Challenges “ One of the challenges facing the planet is how to maximise fossil fuels such […]

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