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Life Sciences

5.1%of revenue
in 2016

Technological challenges

30 % of the general practitioners are expected to retire in the next five years, and for example, in 2035, a third of the French population will be over 60 years old. Healthcare sector players will have to adjust to these trends, and benefit from network and IoT technology used in our daily life.

Medical research in medicines & vaccines are the main challenges to meet the patients’ and healthcare professionals’ needs. The pharmaceutical sector remains a very competitive market due to the increase of emerging markets, and R&D investments allow to keep a competitive advantage. The production of new products is submitted to statutory requirements under the control of the authorities (FDA, AMM, ANSM etc.). To be able to assure the demand in vaccines and medicine, pharmaceutical companies ceaselessly have to guarantee an optimal quality of their products and process to meet their commitments and the requirements of the sector.

Furthermore since a few years, the Healthcare sector is transformed under the influence of technological progress and digital revolution. This new sector is baptized “the e-health”. The connected body and the digitalization of the relationship between the patient and the doctor are only in their early stages. The sector develops and integrates ceaselessly new technologies to diagnose better, nurse, and follow the patients. The purpose is to simplify the life of the patient and to facilitate the information sharing with the doctor.

ALTEN accompanies pharmaceutical companies and medical imaging leaders for the industrialization and the development of these innovative solutions.

ALTEN Added value

More than 600 engineers working for the industrialists of Life sciences.

  • A strong control on the scope of medical equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Production: engineering, quality, production and information systems
  • An international presence (France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Germany, US) to support the big actors of the healthcare sector
  • A significant expertise in IT , essential to accompany the sector’s technological transformation


Product & Service Supply

Pharmaceutical industry


Medical sector




Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface

The technological transformation of the Healthcare sector


Healthcare Pharmaceutical companies: a transnational support

Interview of Mickaël, Manager ALTEN Belgium, about main challenges and how to meet the patients’ and healthcare professionals’ needs.

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