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The global projects offering accounts
for 50% of ALTEN’s business

The streamlining of supplier panels, used to establish integrated engineering suppliers, our true technology partners, and the focus on productivity gains by customers have helped to speed up the transformation of the ALTEN Group offering.

Global projects involve several levels of responsibility and can be carried out either on the client’s premises or via total outsourcing at an ALTEN Delivery centre:



Our “global projects” organisation provides the guarantee of a structured, multi-skilled team, led by a project manager with levels of engagement defined together with the customer. It provides the customer with professional skills (PMO, technical management and project engineers) and logistic resources (premises, business software, secure links, etc.).

The development of global projects has serious implications both for ALTEN and for the customer. Apart from actual project performance, whether on the customer’s premises or at an ALTEN Delivery centre, organisations, methodologies and tools must be provided to prepare the transformation of the offering and identify and implement productivity gains.

ALTEN delivers answers to each of these demands. Depending on a customer’s requirements, ALTEN can set up specific organisations as part of transnational projects, requiring increased coordination with several teams in different countries, and can even call in one of its nearshore/offshore (Romania, India) platforms for certain phases of the project.