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Discover ALTEN’s White Paper “Deploying 4G”

ALTEN, at the heart of your convergence and deployment plans for Telecom infrastructures and applications

As European leader in technology consulting and engineering, ALTEN claims to understand and measure the technological and business challenges involved in introducing the fourth generation of mobile networks, and its impacts on the whole value chain in the telecom industry and the digital economy.

This white paper gives an overview of the opportunities and conditions for implementing 4G for the various stakeholders in the industry.

By the end of 2016, 912 million people in the world will be using 4G technology.

The explosion of smartphones and mobile usage is still in its early stages, and will gather even more speed with the arrival of the fourth generation mobile networks. This technology will help to deploy fully mobile multimedia applications and uses: mobile web browsing, video-telephony, mobile TV, shared multimedia content and mobile games. A development factor for the whole digital economy.

4G, a revolution

4G has strong impact and presents both risks and opportunities for all the stakeholders in the digital economy, telecommunications and information technology:

  • Operators, facing the risk of becoming suppliers of pipes.
  • Equipment manufacturers, whose positions acquired in 3G technology are not an indication of the positions on the 4G networks.
  • Manufacturers of terminals and mobile devices, in a permanent ground for innovation, to quench the thirst of users and ensuring interoperability between terminals and networks
  • Application providers and Suppliers of ‘Over-The-Top’ services, will have to meet issues of the ‘Net neutrality’ and the monetisation of the network.
  • Companies that integrate these technologies into their products and services, and also for their internal use.

ALTEN positioning

ALTEN addresses all the stakeholders involved in the sector and develops a range of services in two categories:

‘ALTEN, your partner to boost deployment of 4G networks, equipment and services’

‘ALTEN, your partner to amplify developments of new usage for 4G technology’

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Discover ALTEN’s White Paper “Deploying 4G”

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