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Driver entering an address into the navigation system
R&D work

Focus on the infotainment offer

Within five years, the connected vehicle market is expected to triple* to almost 39 billion euros, through the development of connection systems linked to smartphones.



The infotainment system is used to intuitively control all applications within the vehicle.

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, consumers have developed new uses related to mobile internet and expect to have limitless access to services such as social networks or surfing. The automotive industry seeks to meet these growing needs itself or through partnerships with other stakeholders, in particular from the telecommunications, electronics and multimedia sectors.

Numerous in-vehicle services have been developed :

  • Entertainment: films, games, TV, social networking etc.;
  • Navigation and Safety: GPS, accident alerts, parking guidance etc.;
  • Information and communication:  traffic, VOIP calls, internet connectivity, external communication etc.

External or implemented interface ?

The interface (Human Machine Interface, HMI) developed to allow user access to these services may be provided directly by the user (tablet or smartphone) or designed in by the manufacturer. One of the challenges facing the automotive industry is to respond in a controlled manner to changing user needs by developing proprietary systems or creating partnerships with other complementary stakeholders.


ALTEN’s presence


ALTEN’s multiple sector presence (Automotive and Telecoms/Media) means being able to develop IVI software solutions through the coordination of its expertise in electronic systems and software. The barriers to entry in the automotive sector have been pulled down with infotainment and ALTEN is active as a facilitator, creating opportunities between these different industries.

ALTEN has been a member of the GENIVI alliance since 2010. This non-profit consortium comprised of more than 160 automotive manufacturers aims to create a standard for IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) open source operating systems.


Thanks to across-the-board positioning, ALTEN implements projects for infotainment and embedded systems around the following activities:

  • HMI and ergonomics;
  • Dashboard control specification;
  • Development of base layer and on-board applications;
  • Expertise of applications related to VOIP.

The technologies covered are manifold: QT 4.8/5.0, C, C++, gLib, Linux, libs Alsa, GStreamer, Bluetooth, DBUS, CAN etc.

Based on AGILE Project methodology, ALTEN enables its clients to reduce “times to market” and manage shorter product life-cycles.

* according to an SBD/GSMA study