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Regulatory affairs and risk management

For stakeholders in the banking sector, ensuring the improvement of risk management and furthering the development of activities with return on investment are of paramount importance.

As such, ALTEN currently supports many of its clients in the assimilation of regulatory changes, risk management and payment method security and transaction protocols.

Under the Basel II programme, ALTEN has supported one of the major players in the banking sector for IRBA approval of its information systems with a view to securing certification from the Prudential Control Authority.

This project required the establishment of a system for controlling IT production risks: mapping, action plans for risk reduction and management and governance of the system.

Mapping and action plans have been made for all of our client’s Information Systems covered by the Basel framework.

ALTEN is now a key partner in supporting players in the banking sector in the management and control of their Basel risk (credit risks, operational risks etc.).

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