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rolling stock

An agenda of product evolution

Rail traffic is expected to increase by 5% per year over the next ten years, driven by increasing urbanisation and the rise of environmental concerns.  The rail industry is a buoyant market that is striving to upgrade its products in order to meet the industry’s new challenges.

Towards the development of products to meet market needs

Tramway, TGV, metros… These modes of transport afford greater user mobility and a better quality of life in general. The main challenge for cities is to modernise their transport systems in order to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly, promoting the aesthetic side of cities, freeing up public space and improving quality of life in general.

Sector stakeholders (equipment manufacturers, building contractors and operators) are working together to improve potential solutions to the following issues:

  • Developing quieter and less polluting equipment;
  • Increasing transport capacity;
  • Making vehicles lighter (locomotives, carriages and wagons) and implementing new engines (including hybrids…), alternative fuels;
  • Reducing the consumption of on-board devices (e.g. heating, cooling and ventilation equipment) and managing the materials used in design and maintenance;
  • Allowing rapid modification of the interior environment while providing the expected level of comfort;
  • Improving safety and developing automation.

Addressing such issues as rail equipment, which require high levels of technical skills and increased investment in research and development in order to remain at the forefront of technology.

Comprehensive support

ALTEN offers a range of high added-value services related to rail equipment in order to best meet the challenges of the sector: design, sizing, implementation, certification and validation of rolling stock.

ALTEN adapts its services to its customer’s strategy and offers solutions at local/regional level with an extensive network of branches, but also carries out multi-site projects in France and abroad, or solely abroad. With its international presence, the Group supports its clients in their strategy, whether equipment manufacturers, building contractors or operators, and is positioned as a catalyst of innovation by promoting exchange of expertise between the different functions of the rail industry.  (E.g.: member of the French Agency for Systems Engineering (AFIS) and the French SysML association).

A few references

  • Rail manufacturer: service centre dedicated to the development and maintenance of TCMS (Train Control Monitoring System) in almost all underground and tram projects.
  • Maintenance and development of centralised control software managing rail traffic in the Channel Tunnel.


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