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Defence & Security


Cybercrime has changed tactics: it now affects new targets and attacks new platforms.  Attacks are more widespread, better targeted and response times are getting longer.

New targets, new platforms, entailing a much higher cost

integrated microchip

Cybercrime reached new heights in 2013. According to HP, its cost has increased by 78% in four years. With the influx of smartphones and other mobile objects, cybercrime has many facets: attacks on mobile transactions, which have recorded an average annual growth of nearly 42% between 2011 and 2016, vocal or SMS phishing, pirate mobile applications development, privatisation of Trojans and other malware targeting banking and financial services, account theft etc. Cybercriminals also make use of Big Data to make their attacks more effective.

In addition, the study conducted by HP shows that the average resolution time for IT attacks has more than doubled: 32 days as opposed to 24 previously.

Cybercrime is becoming an increasingly key issue for companies and individuals: as it becomes more and more sophisticated, it is increasingly difficult to counteract. Rapid change and the transformation of the IT environment point to the likelihood of new forms of attacks. As a result, it is essential for all stakeholders to provide targeted and effective responses.


An appropriate response to reduce cybercrime

Today’s IT security solutions and the implementation of SSI (Security of Information Systems) governance practices are increasingly effective in the detection of and resistance to attacks, and as a result helps business save money.

Increasing awareness on the part of users and more suitable information, networks, operating systems, telecommunications, applications, hardware: these are all issues to be taken into consideration for a comprehensive approach.

To respond to these seven factors, ALTEN supports its clients in three areas, which correspond to appropriate levels of requirement and proven skills:

  • Security Consultancy: security monitoring, security checks etc.;
  • Networking & Switching: cryptography, biometrics, smart card, detection systems etc.;
  • Physical Security: OS, cloud security etc.


Finally, ALTEN is a recognised and pro-active stakeholder in this field, organising conferences within the group and taking part in forums.


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