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Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface

The technological transformation of the Healthcare sector

Since a few years the Healthcare sector is transformed under the influence of the progress of the technologies and the digital revolution, which affects all the sectors. The connected body and the digitalization of the relationship between the patient and the doctor are only in their early stages. This new sector is baptized “the e-health”.

To anticipate these changes, the health industry actors has started big projects which are going to transform this sector. These base essentially on the development of new technologies to diagnose better, nurse, and accompany the patients. Resting on the wide range of technical skills of its engineers, Alten supports the sector’s transformation at every level.

maxilaire3DThe new technologies

The 3D impression is going to revolutionize implants and surgical guides. Indeed, this process allows to reduce the costs and deadlines of implants manufacturing, it also offers the possibility of creating complex forms. 3D impression is also useful for surgical guide, for example the technology allows to reconstitute a model of skull in 3D to study an operation before it takes places.

Upstream, the 3D printing requires an ultra-precise and high definition modelling. ALTEN deploys software expert engineers for facial reconstruction purposes for a medical imaging leader. For this project, a dialogue with orthodontists was set up so that the result is in accordance with the practitioners’ expectation. The control of programming and image processing software, as well as the expertise in algorithmic of the ALTEN engineers allowed the development and improvement of the software’s features.

The internet of things (IoT) participates actively in the transformation of the Healthcare sector. The private individuals and the medical profession are concerned by the connected body and the digitalisation of the patient / nursing relationship. This new sector baptized “the e-health”, represents a great opportunity for numerous start-ups, which met in the eHealthTech French association. The mobile applications sometimes linked to the connected objects are the most the accessible, for example the increased health record Umanlife or telemedicine with remote consultations.

Treatment and electronic diagnosis are also source of innovation (Soles for diabetics, Capsule-thermometer, distribution of assets by micro-currents…). All these innovations have a common point: the data creation and management. The e-health progresses with Big Data and data protection, which can be sensitive in the health field. The strong expertise of Alten in these two domains, IT and Health, is a key added value for the professionals who wish to start or to accelerate their digital development.

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