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analysis and simulation

These days more and more product development is being carried out in virtual environments with computer models and simulations replacing prototypes and physical testing, which shortens development cycles and makes them more cost-effective. This approach also captures technological phenomena with greater precision, thus facilitating the optimisation of a product’s function and lifecycle.

Our Analysis and Simulation service offers analyses and simulations of mechanical systems. We work with methodology development and product development, and are with you the whole way from basic concept to optimisation and verification.

In-house analysis centre

As many of our customers are international companies, we have built up an analysis centre to enable us to deliver remote access solutions. For example, we can take on large in-house assignments within analysis-driven product development and, if required, function as your external development department.

Customised solutions

AtALTEN we strive to find cost-effective and quality assured solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We deliver findings and recommendations to enhance your product development and approach all assignments, large or small, with the same unwavering commitment.

Areas of Expertise

We undertake assignments in the mechanical areas of Stress, Fluid Technology and Dynamics. For example: Strength Calculations, Strength Dimensioning, Thermohydraulics, Density Analyses, Collision Simulation, Damage Tolerance, Noise & Vibrations, Multiphase Flows, Heat Transfer, One-dimensional System Modelling, Aerodynamics, Engine and Chassis Dynamics, CAE Management.

Business Sectors

Vehicles, Energy (oil, gas, nuclear power, wind power), Industry, Aviation and Space.