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Cross-functional Telecoms: inexorable expansion

Automotive, Energy, Rail, etc.

All sectors are utilising an increasing amount of telecom equipment and networks in order to increase their productivity or provide additional services for their customers.

Telecoms in transportation?

In the automotive sector, manufacturers and suppliers have called in all the Telecoms sector players to develop new applications and new services. Most new vehicles will thus be equipped with a 4G connection for exchanging data on the status of the vehicle, safety, road conditions, support for decision-making or manoeuvring, etc.

Do you dream of being able to make a call on a train for the whole trip without being cut off? Réseau Ferré de France, owner and operator of the national rail network, has gradually been installing a GSM network featuring additional features related to railway operations: GSM-R, or Global System for Mobile Communications for Railways. This system will gradually replace the current RST (Radio Sol-Train) telecommunications network. This high potential technology works not only for voice but also for data.

Also in the railways field, metros and trams are still a long way from integrating such powerful telecom systems; however, the entire RATP network (Paris Transport) should be covered by 4G by the end of 2015, i.e. nearly 300 stops and 65 RER stations. Other cities should follow suit in the years to come. But the aeronautics sector has not been left behind. More and more companies are offering Wi-Fi on board their aircrafts.

Networked objects are everywhere

Remote heating and window blind controls, or an intrusion alarm on your phone, tablet, car or even wristwatch little by little, networked objects are becoming a part of our lives in so many different areas. The main fields of application are home automation, to improve user communication, safety and comfort in private and in public, but also health; for example with the development of sensors calculating the number of steps taken in a given time, monitoring heart rate, analysis of sleep patterns, etc. And the trend will speed up with the deployment of 4th generation telecom networks.

Focus on Smart grids

What are they? These intelligent networks or ‘Smart Grids’ are electricity networks that integrate information and communication technology to optimise energy management. The aim is to ensure a balance between supply and demand through an electrical system which has replaced linearity by interaction between all the players involved.

With 4G, the whole industry is moving into top gear

More generally, the transport of data is speeding up in many areas courtesy of this new technology: energy, security, defence, transport, health, etc. Telecom networks and equipment are emerging as a major asset for industry, and 4G is expanding this phenomenon in many areas:

  • Health: the emergence of 4G affords the establishment of telemedicine or tele-diagnosis through the use of video, and also promotes assistance for people in their homes.
  • Security and defence 4G CCTV is able to broadcast real-time information and develop defence applications faster.
  • Energy: send and receive detailed information about energy consumption? This is now possible thanks to the development of smart meters, coupled with 4G.

ALTEN, technological partner of choice

4G, networked car, GSM-R, home automation, telemedicine, Smartgrids… ALTEN is a front-runner promoting these technologies and aims to support clients for all issues where the technological stakes are high. With its historical expertise in the telecoms business and over 2,000 specialists, the ALTEN Group is positioned at the heart of infrastructure convergence and deployment projects for Telecom and network applications throughout industry.

With our ability to develop genuine telecom expertise associated with all sectors, ALTEN is rightfully positioned as a technology partner of choice and a real catalyst for the development of our customers’ R&D projects.



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