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A comprehensive and appropriate test supply in terms of quality, cost and timeframe

Third-Party Software Acceptance (TRA) is a solution that improves software quality thanks to a decisive testing/acceptance phase. ALTEN rolls out this supply in a bid to reduce risks, costs and time-to-market.

Third-Party Software Acceptance (TRA)

Faced with rapid technological advances, the need to shorten time-to-market and the constant quest to improve quality, ALTEN addresses the business function challenges of Testing.

ALTEN works to optimise the roll-out of test campaigns, from strategy through to test automation, using predefined graphs and functional models. The Group also relies on tools for design automation and test execution (SMARTESTING, TESTFORCE), test capitalisation (e_Test) and automatic reporting (DashboardTesting), compatible with standard test management tools such as HP Quality Centre. Finally, ALTEN offers flexible forms of engagement in the form of managed services contracts (KPI, SLA) offering a mix of inshore, nearshore and offshore solutions.

Project referenceAcceptance of an offer management system, prepaid system and CRM

SI_Test2With a view to streamlining the validation costs of a pay TV operator, while guaranteeing load flexibility, ALTEN put in place a Third Party Software Acceptance system, with a flat-fee commitment to 12 applications.




The project focused on:

  • the use of graphs based on Risk Based Testing methodology for package encryption;
  • implementation of a test industrialisation approach;
  • Improvement of test coverage through the transformation of non-regression tests in sampling mode and full tests through automation;
  • the application of good practices in testing (TRA) throughout the organisation (QC test case design, deliverable templates, etc.).

Thanks to ALTEN, the operator obtained not just a higher quality of production releases welcomed by business functions, but also easier internal budget management via the charging of acceptance costs directly to functions and the resolution of charge variation management issues.

CRM, offer, time-to-market, TRA