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Sustainable development:
A proactive and strategic commitment

Testimonial of Simon Azoulay,
ALTEN Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Our international development and our leading position in the Engineering and Technology Consulting market give us a responsibility to all our stakeholders, be they employees, employee representative bodies, customers, shareholders, suppliers or partners.

simon-azoulay“In order to meet stakeholders’ requirements, anticipate their needs and build lasting and trusting relationships with them, in recent years our Group has made sustainable development central to its growth strategy. ALTEN sees this approach as central to its commitment in favour of people and sustainable innovation.

Initiated in 2010 with the signing of the United Nations Global Compact, our commitment has been unceasingly expanded and strengthened since then. The internationalisation of our markets, swift change in technology and the growing demands of society in terms of responsibility have prompted us to take action.

Our corporate culture is shaped by core values shared by all of our employees, namely the development of human capital, engineering culture and the quest for profitable and sustainable growth. In 2015, ALTEN reaffirmed this approach by updating and reinforcing our key founding documents. We have also identified our stakeholders’ expectations and the challenges inherent to our industry as accurately as possible.

We are restructuring our sustainable growth strategy, in line with these fundamental and guiding principles, based on the following priorities:

A career-accelerating employer, by promoting talent, skills development, career and mobility management, security and the personal development of our employees.

An innovation catalyst, through the support given to our customers, employees and students in developing sustainable innovative solutions.

A responsible partner, uncompromising on fundamental issues related to information security, business ethics or respect for the environment.

In 2017, we will continue to rise to new challenges. As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ALTEN, I affirm my commitment to continuing the implementation of this approach in the Group’s various host countries in order to capitalise on individual initiatives, and to share our common values.

More than ever, we want to drive forward our sustainable development approach, measure our progress, submit to assessments and ensure we take a critical look at ourselves, to continually improve our practices in complete transparency. I am confident that ALTEN’s employees will take an active part in this process.”



A responsible employer

ALTEN has implemented a dynamic Human Resources management policy focusing on diversity and skills development, in order to foster and develop talent.

Corporate citizen

Student entrepreneurship, promoting engineering professions among young wmen… ALTEN strives to enhance the standing of engineering professions and scientific careers.

ALTEN environment-friendly

From the management of its waste to setting up activities on new sites, journeys made by its staff and its internal it solutions, the group applies concrete actions on a daily basis to ensure greater respect for the environment.

Stimulator of innovation

Concurrently with its participation in customer projects, ALTEN implements its own R&D process to develop the product and service supply and the skills of the future.

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