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11.4%of revenue
in 2017

Technological challenges

The Nuclear and Oil & Gas industries are preparing their technological transformations and changes: study of new models for the EPR reactor (EPR NM), diversification for new energies, development of synergies with automotive and telecommunications industries. At the same time, environmental management industries continue to export their expertise outside France.



The challenges that the nuclear industry will have to take up in coming years will require a large proportion of engineering: dismantling of ageing nuclear plants, a market estimated at €220 billion, and the renewal of nuclear plants. EDF is currently studying the EPR NM (New Model) that will cost half as much to build and is planning to build some 40 plants in France as from 2030.


Renewable energies

The share of renewable energies continues to increase and is attracting new players. According to the World Energy Outlook annual report of the International Energy Agency, “nearly 60% of all new power generation capacity in 2040 in our main scenario comes from renewables”. But the intermittent nature of these energy sources will require rapid deployment of communicating sensors and digital management systems, the global market of which is estimated at €30 billion in 2016.


Oil & Gas

With the drop in crude oil prices, the Oil & Gas sector has drastically cut back on investments, cancelling or postponing some projects. However, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has declared that this lack of investment cannot last. Since oil demand will continue to increase by approximately 0.4% per year between 2014 and 2040, it is imperative for the sector to reinvest to balance supply and demand.


Environmental Management

This sector, which combines water management, recycling and waste management activities, is asserting its importance: population growth and urban expansion have led to increasingly large quantities of waste and drinking water shortage.


ALTEN Added value

  • More than 3,000 engineers working for manufacturers in the Energy sector at the end 2016.

  • Expertise in new build perimeters, maintenance and upkeep, commissioning and operation of oil-industry infrastructures.
  • Operating in all areas of the Energy sector: nuclear, Oil & Gas, Renewable energies & EnvironmentInternational operations: France, Germany, Sweden, the USA, India and China to support the development of our clients worldwide


Product & Service Supply

  • Electricity:

    • Electricity production – nuclear
    • Electricity production – renewable energy
    • Transportation and distribution of electricity


  • Oil & gas:

    • Production plant – Design
    • Transport
    • Production plant – Operations and launch

range of services

ALTEN offers different service levels to provide the best response to clients’ needs

Alten's 3 services

  • Engineering and Technology Consultancy

    77%of revenue
    in 2017

    Studies and conception of technological products, for technical divisions in industry.

  • Networks, Telecoms and Multimedia

    15%of revenue
    in 2017

    Engineering for product design (terminals or networking equipment) Network architecture, deployment and operation.

  • Information Systems

    8%of revenue
    in 2017

    Customised development of IT systems, for information systems departments in industry, telecoms and the service sector.

ALTEN, the European leader in engineering and technology consulting, provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and it systems.

Its 24,700 top engineers carry out studies and conception projects for the technical and information systems divisions of large corporate clients in the industrial, telecommunications and services sectors.


Energy Energy efficiency of buildings

The quest for energy efficiency consists in providing more effective solutions to optimise energy consumption across the entire value chain, including buildings, which alone account for 40% of energy consumption in France


Maintenance and Upkeep A response to the longer service life of energy farms and plants

While the commissioning and operation of energy facilities represent a considerable investment, the idea of lengthening their service life is more relevant than ever.


Innovation Smart Grids: developing an “intelligent network”

Confronted with a changing energy landscape and the emergence of new environmental issues, the grid needs to be redesigned for operators and consumers to be more proactive in the way they use energy.


Oil & Gas How do we respond to the new market challenges?

State-of-the-art technologies have led to the discovery of huge oil and gas fields. Often located in extreme environments, they require complex extraction and operational infrastructures.


Customer Success Jean-Marc Letournel, TECHNIP

Jean-Marc LETOURNEL is Senior Vice President Business & Technology Offshore at TECHNIP. He explains for ALTEN  what are the issues of the Oil & Gas sector and looks back on his relationship with ALTEN.  Our R&D strategy is fully integrated into our business approach. Challenges “ One of the challenges facing the planet is how to maximise fossil fuels such […]

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