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Electronic modules in the aerospace sector

modulos-electronicos03Participation of the Spanish satellite “Paz”, in the computer safety module of the satellite’s ground segment, while defining the organization and safety policy, as well as the procedures to apply such computer safety policy and to therefore contribute to the accreditation of the facilities.

As an ALTEN added-value: more than 4-year experience on the sector, developing projects with multicultural teams with elevated workload.


ALTEN Responsibilities

  • For the satellite safety sub-system, define the preliminary design, the verification plan, and validate such sub-system. Define a unit test and integration plan thereof
  • For the tests life cycles:
    • Tests Plan.
    • Procedure.
    • Execution.
    • Reports.

Technical Environment

  • Manufacturing of electronic modules.
  • Design and implementation of test units based on electronic equipments for the test executions on the flight boxes to be integrated in the satellites.

Key Figures & Elements

  • Team of 14 Engineers.
  • Participation in projects for ESA.
  • Vibration/Thermal camera Tests, for different satellites.