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Since 1999, ALTEN has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and has benefited from a strong financial position as well as a growth strategy that has been managed carefully.

Our company has been expanding worldwide in line with its business model and its top-of-the-range positioning, while reconciling our profit margin policy with our will to tackle our clients’ technological challenges ahead.

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05 Jun 2018 Registration Document including the annual financial report
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Turnover breakdown by main sectorsComposition of ALTEN capital


9.9 %

Operating profit on activity

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2269.9 M€


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157.9 M€

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(including 29600 engineers)

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Board of directorsLearn more

Mr. AZOULAY is a graduate of Supélec. After having managed the R&D laboratory at Thalès, he founded ALTEN in 1988 with 2 associates who are also engineers.

Mrs. MARDYKS has held operational and functional positions in the Airbus Group. She originated the accounting integration project at the Group within a Shared Service launched in November 2008 covering 4 of the Group’s main countries (France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain). Mrs. Mardyks has not held a position at Airbus Group since the end of 2016.

Mrs. FELDMAN began her career with a human resources consulting firm, then joined the HR Department of one of the leading French retailers where she was responsible for recruitment, training, internal mobility and career management over a ten-year period. She then founded a human resources consulting firm, offering recruitment and training services for clients with a wide range of sectors. In 2006, she joined Pôle Emploi where she provided consulting and support services to engineering and consulting companies in the science sector. Mrs. FELDMAN is an active member of Syntec Recrutement.

Mr. TRIBAUDEAU has more than 25 years of experience in the Corporate Finance, Investment Banking and M&A fields. He is authorised by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom. He spent several years at Merrill Lynch – Bank of America in the United Kingdom, where he served as First Vice-President.

Mr. ATTIA holds an MBA from Hartford. He joined the founding partners of ALTEN in 1993 and is currently in charge of Business Development, Structured Projects and International Markets (Zone 2).

Mrs. AZOULAY has worked for the ALTEN Group since ALTEN SA was formed in 1988. Among other positions, she was Sales Manager and Head of Administration and Finance. Her involvement with the ALTEN Group no longer extends beyond her capacity as a Director.

Mr. EISENBERG began his career as a management consultant. In 1986 he formed a cost-reduction consultancy in France, which has since become a European leader in its field and of which he was Operating Manager until 2012. He remains a major shareholder to this day. He also sat on the Nanterre Employment Tribunal from 1995 to 1999 and the Bobigny Commercial Court from 2000 to 2001.

Mr. METIOUI has been employed at ALTEN since 2010. He joined the ALTEN Group as a consultant in 2010, carrying out various assignments in Logistics and Quality. In 2013, he joined the Structural Projects Department as Project Quality Assurance Manager within the Group.

Mrs. Jane SEROUSSI is a business leader. She has successfully created her own brand and she has been her company’s Managing and Financial Director since its inception. The Group is expanding in France and abroad through an exclusive network of branded boutiques.

Executive commiteeLearn more

The Executive Committee meets at least once a month. It is made up of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officers.
It analyses the sales and financial performance, defines the development strategy, sets targets, and implements operational measures

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Responsible for Sales, Structured Projects and International area 2
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Responsible for Finance, Legal and Information Systems.
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Responsible for ALTEN France and Solutions subsidiaries
International 1 Perimeter Director
Executive Vice President ALTEN Technology France, UK and Northern Germany
Executive Vice President ALTEN Technology France and Solutions subsidiaries


Ecovadis EcoVadis helps purchasing teams to monitor CSR/sustainable development practices in their supply chains.
ALTEN obtained a score of 78/100, allowing it to maintain its Gold level of recognition
Gaia The Gaia index measures the ESG performance of companies.
With a score of 81/100, ALTEN ranks 31st out of 230 companies evaluated.
Global compact Alten has been a signatory to the Global Compact since 2010.
Advanced Distinction for Communication on Progress

Shareholder’s area

In this space dedicated to the Group’s shareholders, you will find useful information to follow your ALTEN actions and upcoming financial events.