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Developing, managing and harnessing knowledge is at the heart of the growth and performance challenges that companies face every day.  

The increasing digitalisation of everything around us has greatly exacerbated the sources of uncertainty, such as the speed and complexity of the flows of information, which are becoming ever more prevalent in working environments. Organisations must embrace new practices if they are to tackle these complexities and deliver services and products that meet their customers’ expectations as closely as possible.  

The many, varied constraints are encouraging companies to review their models and optimise all their value-creating processes to meet their own and their customers’ needs.  

To provide concrete solutions, ALTEN has built its dedicated Business Analyst offer. It has been designed to help you control your working environments and master constraints of all kinds by providing you with all the specialised skills you need. 

Keeping up with constantly changing ecosystems

Business Analysts’ roles are changing in line with the technological changes taking place in information systems and work environments. One of these changes is the rise in SecDevOps, which helps to speed up and secure software development and delivery by using Agile methods and automation tools to help businesses improve their operating efficiency and get a leg up on the competition. Design thinking is also helping to optimise how value is created by focusing on identifying the end user’s true expectations. It is also helping to create products and services that are economically viable, feasible and sustainable. 

Business Analysts’ expertise is an increasingly essential resource for companies, who have a greater need for specialisation and high-added-value technical expertise. ALTEN supports you with a proven method that covers all the stages of project, programme and product management. Our teams can help you identify needs, set objectives and establish, implement and steer initiatives, products and solutions so you can achieve your production and performance objectives.  

Train – Assist – Design – Deploy

Our expertise

Consulting & Assistance

Optimise value creation at each project stage

Our experienced teams of Business Analysts are committed to deeply understanding our customers’ needs, identifying the issues that drive them and forging bespoke solutions that help make their projects a success. 

  • Identify the project’s stakes and objectives: each project is unique, which is why ALTEN works closely with its customers to understand their goals and challenges and set clear, achievable objectives. This preliminary stage forms a solid base for our methodological approach. 
  • Identify the working methodological framework: thanks to our proven, flexible methodology, our working methodological framework adapts to the specificities of each customer, providing a structured approach that contributes to the success of each project. Our commitment to excellence in our methodology is reflected in our precise, transparent execution. 
  • Design the solutions: we leverage our sectorial expertise and deep understanding of emerging technologies to design solutions that not only work, but are innovative and sustainable to meet current needs while remaining ready to tackle future challenges. 
  • Improve the processes: the Business Analyst provides consulting to help companies optimise their processes and value flows. 
  • Support during execution, monitoring and postproduction: our partnership with customers doesn’t stop at design. We work with our customers all throughout the project’s execution, closely following progress and offering continued support, even after the production release.  

Customer services – Development & Innovation

This project to transform the Customer Service organisation came after an entity dedicated to innovation was created to drive growth in digital technology with a Big Data platform.
ALTEN’s team worked with the customer to form and train teams in Design Thinking and Lean Start-up: 

  • Support throughout the Design Thinking process from the first ideation workshops to the handover to the scale-up teams 
  • Explore business issues 
  • Gather and formalise user needs in all the domains of Customer Service 
  • Contribute to value analysis  
  • Set up a testing plan and draft business models to confirm the new projects’ market relevance 
  • Incorporate these methods into the SAFe environment  

Processes and tools: 

  • SAFe/Lean Start Up/Design Thinking 
  • VersionOne 

Execution and rollout

Optimise rollouts to maximise performance

At ALTEN, our Business Analyst approach is underpinned by our in-depth expertise in project management and strategic steering. We know that projects are successful when rigorous planning meets smooth execution. Our Business Analysts make sure these conditions are met, flexibly navigating each step of the process, from the initial definition to continuous improvement. 

  • Architectural expertise: Our system architects bring a strategic vision to each project. They help steer reviews and keep the project on track while establishing a solid functional architecture. By managing the risks and working closely with the business units, our architects play an essential role in building applications. This holistic approach offers an optimal cohesion between business objectives and technology. 
  • The execution phase: How a project is executed is a reflection of its design. That’s why we are committed to steering each project with a meticulous attention to detail. Our team excels at managing budgets and supervising construction processes, ensuring that each stage is carefully monitored and coordinated to keep progress in line with objectives and identify overruns as early as possible. 
  • Deployment phase: Deploying a product or service is a critical phase that requires comprehensive support. We carry out rigorous tests to ensure the product is high quality and high performance. We then carefully monitor the product throughout its lifespan to learn lessons and continually improve it, every step of the way. We implement tracking metrics and action plans to correct discrepancies and keep the product on the path to success. 


Develop core skills base through targeted training

We believe in the importance of equipping our customers with the skills and methods needed to get the most value out of their projects and initiatives. Our training courses are designed to guide our customers through optimised processes, modern management practices and Agile methodologies. 

Support in striving for excellence: We work hand in hand with our customers to continuously optimise and improve their existing processes. Our experts share advanced skills and methodological tools that boost their ability to create value. Whether they work with a V-model or Agile approach, we provide knowledge and skills that propel their projects to success. 

Training in the industry’s cutting edge:  Our training covers a wide range of key fields, including Agile project management methods and the effective use of essential tools like Version One and JIRA. We also offer courses in lean management/thinking as well as dedicated support in innovative management methods, such as method 3.0. Our inclusive approach also incorporates design thinking tools focusing on co-construction.