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Sports Science projects

The quest for the ultimate sporting performance requires attention to detail and understanding everything about yourself and your environment. Mastering simulation tools and data processing offers a boost that can make all the difference when combined with the crucial physical and mental aspects. ALTEN’s Sports Science team, which includes a French triathlon record-holder, optimises race strategies and works on equipment and systems that are perfectly suited to each discipline, using the physical data of the events and the athletes’ biomechanics and physiology.

Context and issues of the Sports Science projects

Today’s top-level sport requires not only the achievement of collective and individual sporting performance, but also essential support in the equipment, training and strategies that make the ultimate difference.  ALTEN, and in particular its LINCOLN data-science subsidiary, has set up a team of sports scientists capable of carrying out this task using the technologies explored in our ALTEN Labs:

  • Data Science and learning algorithms
  • Aerodynamics
  • Mechanical and Biomechanical Engineering
  • Modelling and 3D Printing
  • Operational Research
  • Web development and Dataviz

These skills are applied in the field of high-performance sport. Our teams are currently working on various projects:

  • Optimisation of aerodynamic helmets

  • 3D printing of realistic full-scale sports models for wind tunnel testing

  • Strategic advice for time trial cycling events

  • Prediction of exhaustion and heart rate

  • Computer vision for non-invasive data extraction

  • Optimisation of stadium filling

  • Digital twins of sports events

These projects call on the skills of professions focused on new digital technologies to meet the ever-increasing environmental constraints and new mobility uses. They are based on simulation tools and the use of location data.

How to excel in a sports challenge?
How can innovation be the answer?

As part of the French think tank Digiworld Summit, ALTEN and its various renowned partners shared their thoughts on the science and innovation that enhance athletes’ performance.