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Manufacturing is at the heart of your transformation strategy, enabling you to ensure high-quality production in increasingly demanding environments. The design of reliable, efficient, flexible and sustainable manufacturing processes is central to ALTEN’s Manufacturing approach. 

After the production automation and robotisation period, the use of new technologies such as IoT, 5G, cloud computing and data for predictive maintenance form the mainstays of Factory 4.0. Through its support and expertise, ALTEN enables you to adapt and respond quickly to market developments. 

Towards Factory 4.0 to achieve operational excellence in the industrial system

The transformation of industry towards Factory 4.0 aims to establish a new collaboration between humans and machines, through the implementation of interconnections between systems internally but also towards partners and customers. The aim of this transformation is to enable companies to optimise and rationalise their value chain, from design to production. This transformation must naturally take account of the environmental impact, since the industrial sector generates more than 20% of greenhouse global gas emissions.  

To address these challenges, ALTEN places people at the centre of the industrial system to ensure a complete end-to-end transformation. The ALTEN Manufacturing Process package bridges the gap between design and manufacturing to accelerate time to market while guaranteeing the integrity of goods and people, and limiting environmental impact. 

Our long-standing expertise in all industrial sectors and businesses means that we can offer a real value proposition alongside major industrial players. We respond to our customers’ needs through a range of services built around four pillars: Co-Design & Industrial Architecture, Industrialisation, Improvement of Industrial Performance, and Digital Transformation for Factory 4.0. 

Optimise – Improve – Digitalise – Transform

Our expertise

Co-Design & Industrial Architecture

To devise the best product/process fit by developing and integrating new methods and tools

We support our customers right from the research and development phase, bringing our multi-sector expertise and innovation capabilities to bear on the latest technological and robotic advances. Our engineers and designers work together to invent and design products that meet your needs:  

  • Research and validation of new materials and/or new assembly processes  
  • Industrial system modelling (e.g. MBSE) and digital simulation (Plant Simulation, AnyLogic, 3DEXPERIENCE)  
  • Virtual Run@Rate or Virtual Commissionning  
  • Integration of Manufacturing requirements as early as possible in the design process  
  • Industrial Architecture  
  • Robotisation or automation strategy for assembly lines  
  • Testing and validation strategy for industrial resources  

Case studies

Industrial process definition in the R&T phase

As part of a search for new manufacturing processes, ALTEN helps its customer assess the industrial maturity of new processes for forming complex parts. To this end, ALTEN contributes to digital simulations, prototyping and testing, improvement proposals, and to monitoring the action plan for increasing the maturity of these processes.  

Digital continuity: from research to production

As part of the deployment of digital solutions, ALTEN supports its customer in developing and deploying solutions to connect all stakeholders in the product value chain (Design, Industrialise, Produce and Control). ALTEN’s multi-skilled presence brings technical value to the construction of digital solutions. For example, this intervention has enabled industrial constraints to be fed back into the product creation process to improve manufacturing quality or reduce costs.


To accelerate time to market

Our Industrialisation package enables you to improve the flexibility of your industrial facilities, a key priority if you want to be more competitive and adapt more quickly to changes in the market.  

  • Defining the best manufacturing process (internal/external, workstation)  
  • Converting data from the design office into an industrialisation file  
  • Liaising with/coordinating the departments involved in the industrialisation process (Quality, HSE, Ergonomics, Logistics, Purchasing)  
  • Providing production support resources: tools, line-side resources  
  • Guaranteeing digital continuity from engineering to the shop floor  
  • Contributing to improving product/process pairing  


As part of the industrialisation of a new aircraft, ALTEN works with its customer to define and size future assembly lines, involving analysis of the 3D model, co-design with the design office to optimise industrial solutions, breakdown of operations by workstation, definition of the processes to be implemented, use of new manufacturing technologies, definition of the resources required, and management of costs and planning.

Improvement of industrial performance

To combine quality and productivity

We work alongside our customers to help them achieve their strategic objectives by studying and implementing optimisation solutions tailored to their ecosystems. 

  • Optimising the production space and workstations 
  • Optimising products and manufacturing processes 
  • Local support for production teams 
  • Reducing non-conformities and production hazards 

Management of product/process non-conformities 

During the production phases of structural aeronautical parts, ALTEN carries out non-conformity management activities: analysing and characterising the defect, proposing repair solutions, putting the repair into production after validation by the design office (ranges and manufacturing order). ALTEN also provides its expertise in managing this activity and analysing data with a view to reducing non-conformities. 

Digital transformation

To accelerate the transformation towards the industry of tomorrow

Digitalisation is playing an essential role in the transformation of industrial systems. 
This digital transformation permeates all aspects of industrial systems. We infuse it into every stage of our customers’ transformation strategies. 
ALTEN is involved at all stages of the industrial process life cycle to improve its efficiency, flexibility and ability to respond rapidly to market changes. We draw on our know-how as a technology integrator to provide a range of expertise, including:   

  • Change Management 
  • Digital Twin 
  • Robotisation & Automation 
  • Data Management & Cybersecurity 

Case studies

Transforming Engineering methods with 3DEXPERIENCE 

As part of the digitalisation of Manufacturing businesses, ALTEN is contributing to the evolution of current methods towards the new DASSAULT 3DEXPERIENCE solution, and also to the improvement of these methods: gathering plant requirements, supporting the definition of solutions, formalising business requirements for developers, writing test scripts, and supporting the distribution of new methods (change management). 

Digitalising the design of a plant architecture using a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach 

ALTEN is assisting its customer with a project to overhaul its production and assembly lines. The activities aim to capture know-how and adapt the MBSE approach to it, in order to produce a generic model designed to evolve and be manipulated by experts. The information captured is then formalised and organised within different views and in line with the customer’s overall digitalisation solution, generating a modelling method that can be re-applied to future projects.