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Innovation in Industry: human at the heart of Factory 4.0

Trend – human at the heart of Factory 4.0

Discover in images why and how technology and human beings are at the heart of Factory 4.0.

Virtual training and operations: transmit the right gesture, on a large scale

ALTEN and Siemens Customer Services Digital Industries have joined forces to help deploy complex trainings for operators on a large scale.

Through personalized and immersive training methodologies and based on an innovative «no code» solution, training efficiency will be maximized and the learning curve of a very large number of employees will be accelerated.

Digital twin internal logistics: AI and robots to support operators

To allow dynamic management of internal logistics, the plant manager receives proposals for solutions and relevant decision-making aids to anticipate risks in crisis management and improve productivity.

Digital twin plant & prescriptive maintenance: predict to improve productivity

ALTEN and Siemens Customer Services Digital Industries partner to enable to deploy real time production management thanks to AI and to make factory 4.0 more flexible to decision and more resilient to crises.

Smart Embedded Systems & Predictive Maintenance

ALTEN & STMicroelectronics have joined forces to boost your Smart IoT deployment on a large scale. These embedded systems perform automated missions, give contextualized alerts and provide high added-value services.

5G, boosting Industry 4.0

ALTEN, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises and Siemens Customer Services Digital Industries join forces to enable you to ensure very high-speed digital continuity for an increasingly critical IT/OT.

Mini-Plant 4.0: AI serving Humans

With the «Smart Factory 4.0» program, ALTEN is exploring all the fundamental topics of Industry 4.0 focused on the transformation of industrial sites. Thanks to ALTEN Labs’ research and innovation teams, the various technological building blocks of Industry 4.0 are studied through concrete application cases that then illustrate their value propositions.

Interview: “Human is at the heart of all Factory 4.0 projects”

The factory of the future is not only a range of new technologies, but also a new way of working for the people who work there.

François Portier, Director of ALTEN “Smart Factory 4.0” Research Program , analyzes the Group’s approach to enhancing the role of people in tomorrow’s industry. This initiative is based on partnerships with high technological added value.


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