ALTEN partners with Bouygues Telecom Entreprises

ALTEN partners with Bouygues Telecom Entreprises to accelerate the industrial adoption of private 5G

ALTEN is the first company to have selected Bouygues Telecom Entreprises’ new hybrid private 5G network offering on the French market. This latest-generation network will be deployed within its Sèvres Innovation Laboratory and will strengthen the catalogue of solutions for the benefit of Industry 4.0.

Accelerating the transition to industry 4.0

Through this rollout, ALTEN wishes to reinforce its commitment to support its customers in the evolution of their IT infrastructures and to promote solutions that stimulate their growth and competitiveness. The use of 5G in the industrial environment will be illustrated by a “Mini 5G Robot” demonstrator, which concentrates technological advances for more efficient and secure production. 

This approach aims to provide solutions to improve the productivity, agility, quality of service control and maintenance of Industry 4.0 production chains, thereby accelerating the implementation of IT/OT convergence solutions and the adoption of IoT innovations.  

The plants of the future cannot exist without the assurance of reliable connectivity at all points, with high levels of security, throughput, and availability. Mastering the use and deployment of 5G as a performance driver is a necessity for us, so that we can provide the support our customers deserve.” 

Gualtiero BAZZANA, ALTEN Group Executive Director

Private 5G: a major performance driver

The use of 5G in industrial environments offers many advantages for different sectors and can meet specific coverage needs, such as: 

Ensuring coverage of large areas or areas that are particularly “noisy” electromagnetically, such as refineries, ports, mines, airports, factories and logistics warehouses, 

Connecting robots, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs, AMRs) and intelligent autonomous navigation vehicles, which are increasingly found in Industry 4.0 and whose mobility requires good network continuity,  

Guaranteeing connectivity at public sites such as university hospitals, exhibition centres and stadiums, by supporting 4G and WiFi networks that are extremely busy during peak periods.  

However, deploying such a network can be complex and costly, as it requires dedicated equipment and specific skills for deployment and maintenance. The aim of this new hybrid offering from Bouygues Telecom Entreprises is to enable organisations to benefit from the advantages of a private network (speed of throughput, low latency, increased security), while optimising installation and operating costs.  

“The primary mission of Bouygues Telecom Enterprise is to support organisations in their digital transformation by simplifying their access to new technologies. This new offering includes a complete approach, from the deployment of 5G infrastructure to operation and security, in a way that is perfectly integrated into the customer’s environment. In this way, we can offer support tailored to the challenges of each company, particularly those in the industry, healthcare and transport sectors.”

François Treuil, Bouygues Telecom Enterprise Market Director