Responsibility and sustainability - ALTEN Group

Responsibility and sustainability

Letter from Simon Azoulay
Chairman of the Board and CEO

Our international development and our leading position in the Engineering and Technology Consulting market give us a responsibility to all our stakeholders, be they employees, staff representative bodies, customers, shareholders, suppliers or partners.


Our corporate culture is shaped by core values shared by all of our employees, namely the development of human capital, an engineering culture and the quest for profitable and sustainable growth. In order to meet stakeholders’ requirements and challenges of our business, we rely on a sustainable development strategy structured around three axes.

Committed to creating the world of tomorrow, the women and men who make up the group are the driving force behind our business.

As a major player in the employment and professional integration of young people, ALTEN strives to enhance human capital through a dynamic HR policy that combines diversity, skills development and well-being at work.

The Group has embraced innovation as its moto, helping its customers to strengthen their competitiveness and providing them with the best practices in technologies and development methodologies.

ALTEN has its own Labs and conducts its own Research & Development programs that reconcile the economic, environmental and societal dimensions.

Being a responsible partner means positioning ethics at the heart of our business.

We are building our growth around two basic principles : integrity and transparency. We are therefore determined to outlaw all forms of corruption in our business activities and we apply a “zero tolerance” policy that we disseminate to all of our stakeholders.
We also support strong and meaningful societal initiatives.

Direct witness to an act of corruption, a serious environmental harm (e.g. : water pollution) or human right abuse (e.g. : child labor), unethical behavior committed by ALTEN?
You can use our internal whistleblowing system by logging into the secure platform :

ETHICS & COmpliance

We are building our growth around two basic principles : integrity and transparency. We are committed to conducting and developing our business in strict compliance with national and international laws, and making ethics and compliance a common priority. To support us in our compliance approach, we provide a secure whistleblowing system :

Prevention of corruption
  • A “zero tolerance” policy regarding corruption
  • An ambition shared with ALTEN’s internal and external stakeholders
  • A commitment enshrined in the Group’s strategy and supported by the Management
  • Compliance with national and international standards for the detection and prevention of corruption
  • A supervised practice of gifts and invitations offered or received
Prevention and management of conflicts of interest
  • A transparent approach in the management of conflicts of interest
  • Provision of information/communication channels to report risky situations
  • Principles mentioned in the policies and guides disseminated throughout the Group
Management of lobbying and interest representation
  • Activities carried out in accordance with applicable laws and conventions
  • Lobbying actions carried out with clarity and transparency
  • Systematic approval by the Management of any lobbying action
Compliance with international sanctions
  • Activities carried out in compliance with international sanctions regimes
  • A compliance policy covering sanctions risks prevention
  • A due diligence process strengthening vigilance regarding compliance with national and international regimes
Compliance with competition rules
  • Activities carried out in compliance with national and international regulations
  • A Group policy covering the prevention of the risk related to cartels and anticompetitive practices
  • Provision of information / communication channels to report risky situations
Protection of personal data
  • Personal data securely processed and in compliance with regulations
  • An organization and governance dedicated to the deployment of the program at Group level
  • An employee awareness program based on training and dissemination of guides, policies, etc.