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The Smart Mobility program

Mobility faces many challenges due to the strong growth in travel and its environmental impacts. Local authorities and municipalities are being challenged to develop transport networks that optimise multimodal travel for users and goods and incorporate increasingly autonomous and connected vehicles. Smart Mobility brings together innovative projects focusing on changes in mobility that are increasingly respectful of the environment (CO2 emissions and noise) and user well-being.

Context and challenges of the Smart Mobility program

Faced with environmental challenges, ALTEN has for several years incorporated sustainable development into the heart of its development strategy and is devoting a growing share of its research and innovation efforts to it.
The Smart Mobility program is a continuation of this commitment. It brings together innovative projects based on changes in mobility that are increasingly respectful of the environment and user well-being.

The Smart Mobility program thus supports sustainable mobility through research into vehicles’ increasing autonomy, their cooperation with increasingly intelligent infrastructures, and the implementation of solutions to facilitate traffic flow and optimise multimodal travel.

Research projects can cover:

  • Smart transport systems and mobility support solutions:
    • Optimising road traffic in a smart city using its digital twin
    • The development of applications to optimise the movement of goods and people

  • Autonomous and connected vehicles at the heart of smart cities:
    • Automatic generation of realistic test scenarios for the validation of driving aids (AD/ADAS)
    • Improving pedestrians’ extended perception strategies in urban environments (artificial intelligence)

  • The user experience from digitisation to usage:
    • Experimenting with ways to detect emotions in immersive experiences (Extended Reality – XR) and place the user at the heart of the design
    • Modular cockpit design to support the transition of driving modes

These projects call on the skills of professions focused on new digital technologies to respond to the ever-increasing environmental constraints and new uses of mobility. They are based on simulation tools and the use of location data.

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