Leader in Engineering and Technology Consulting

ALTEN supports its customers’ development strategies in the areas of innovation, R&D and information systems.

Created 30 years ago and based in more than 25 countries, the Group has established itself as a world leader in Engineering and Technology Consulting.
We work with key actors in the Aeronautics & Space, Defence & Naval, Security, Automotive, Rail, Energy, Life Sciences, Finance, Retail, Telecommunications and Services sectors.

With a financial turnover of more than 2.6 billion euros we currently have almost 37,200 employees.


ALTEN's DNA combines human values, a culture of excellence and expertise at the service of its customers. Our corporate culture is based on 3 axes of values shared by all our employees.
Engineering culture
Our teams cultivate the same feeling of belonging to a technological environment based on creativity, innovation and seeking new ideas.
Human capital development
Cultivating talents, enabling individual development, developing expertise and providing a springboard for the future are among the ALTEN core commitments.
Profitable and sustainable growth
Thanks to their effective and careful team management and their valuable team, ALTEN is a company which is financially stable and faithful to its commitments.


A world leader in Engineering and IT & Network servicesLearn more
  • A top-of-the-range engineering level positioning in our clients’ businesses in the fields of outsourced R&D, IT and Networks
  • A complete coverage of the business sectors on digital transformation programs and the performance of IS & networks, R&D outsourcing and manufacturing
  • Based in the 5 continents with a 60% share of international activity
  • Strong profitable and essentially organic growth of more than 15% per year since its creation
  • The favorite partner of the world’s largest companies
An efficient technical and managerial organizationLearn more
  • A transnational technical organisation capable of delivering the most complex projects and benefiting from the most demanding certifications (CMMI level 3)
  • State-of-the-art training centres to develop the skills of our experts and project managers in technical fields
  • Engineering centres of excellence around the world
  • An efficiency recognized by our customers, thanks to the added value of our consultants
Dynamic career and skills managementLearn more
  • An HR policy that offers our engineers and consultants the most innovative projects
  • A management of career paths and skills with the possibility for our employees to evolve very quickly in technical or management fields
  • Proposed geographical and sectoral mobility as well as bridges between all the company’s sectors
A responsible and ethical groupLearn more
  • A strong culture of respect and ethics since the company has been founded
  • A zero tolerance towards any form of corruption
  • Principles of diversity and professional equality at the heart of the Group’s HR policy
  • Employees involved in responsible society and solidarity projects with many partners
  • Acknowledged, certified and labelled responsible practices to control environmental impacts, as well as the safety and well-being of our employees.


As an ethical and socially responsible company, our Group has been integrating sustainable development at the heart of its strategy for several years.



Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Responsible for International scope 2
Chief Operating Officer responsible for Finance, Legal and Information Systems
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Responsible for ALTEN France and Solutions subsidiaries
ALTEN Manager responsible for International scope 1
Executive Vice President ALTEN France, UK and Northern Germany
Executive Vice President ALTEN France and Solutions subsidiaries
Executive Vice President ALTEN France for Enterprise Services & Telecoms
Executive Vice President responsible for ALTEN in Asia



Creation of ALTEN

3 engineers with top-ranking higher education, including Simon Azoulay (current President of the Group) found ALTEN.


Initial public offering on the 2nd Paris Stock Exchange.


International expansion

The Group is the European leader in Engineering and High Technology Consulting.


ALTEN exceeds 1 billion euros in financial turnover and generates 50% of its business abroad.


ALTEN celebrates its 30-year anniversary with 30,000 employees and exceeds €2 billion in financial turnover.

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