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The Smart Communications program

5G technology accompanies our world’s growing ultra-connectivity between individuals and professionals by pooling fixed and mobile infrastructures while ensuring our sovereignty. The Smart Communications programme uses this technology as a major vector of digital continuity for all kinds of use cases, both indoor and outdoor, temporary and permanent, civil and industrial, and optimises its performance and coverage using its simulation tools.

Context and challenges of the Smart Communications program

With the support of a broad ecosystem of partners, ALTEN offers its customers solutions that complement their offerings, projects and innovation roadmaps to meet the needs of 5G use cases.

Today’s ultra-connected world requires a great number of improvements in coverage, energy efficiency, throughput, stability, and reliability. While 5G technology provides us with the technical means to these achievements, the Smart Communications Research Program adapts this technology through innovative, breakthrough solutions such as new operating limits for directed beam antennas and processing capacities of core networks.

Developers, radio engineers, project managers, profiles with functional skills: to move towards ever greater innovation and a connected future, ALTEN’s teams boast comprehensive experience in combining tools and removing technological barriers.

The Smart Communications Programme’s application project address how to optimise communication systems’ coverage and performance in different use cases:

  • Temporary, e.g. during “Connected Stadium 2.0” events or the rapid deployment of “tactical bubbles” (theatres of operations, natural disaster situations) through drone swarms and “Space – Air – Ground” hybrid mobile systems

  • Permanent, such as the need to interconnect offshore platforms in the Oil & Gas industry or the need for interoperable equipment in connected factories 4.0

  • Related to 5G’sindoor performance to improve coverage while minimising interference

  • Intelligent, concerning infrastructure and user connectivity in autonomous and smart transport systems