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The Smart Healthcare program

The healthcare ecosystem is facing new challenges in terms of healthcare organization and patient experience. Innovation is the key to meeting these new societal challenges. Within its ALTEN x AIXIAL Lab, the Smart Healthcare program is focusing on the digitization of the healthcare system, the integration of data analysis and artificial intelligence, and the development of innovative IOTs to shape the future of clinical research.

Context and challenges of the Smart Healthcare program

The Smart Healthcare program is part of a drive to digitalize healthcare and centralize the experience around the patient, thanks to new technologies such as AI, data science, IoT, and cybersecurity.

As clinical trials are essential to unveil answers to specific health questions. These meticulously designed research studies enlist volunteers to evaluate the efficacy and safety of medical interventions, ranging from drugs and biological products to surgical procedures, radiological techniques, devices, behavioral treatments, and preventive care.

The ambition of the Smart Healthcare program is to accelerate the development and implementation of virtual/decentrilized clinical trials using connected solutions, AI and real-life data, without compromising their reliability and safety.

TTo tackle these significant challenges and adapt to the evolving landscape, the Smart Healthcare program centers its efforts around three key pillars 

  • Patient-centricity: leveraging IoT, mHealth and AI to better engage patients in decision-making and improve remote monitoring.
  • Real-life data: leveraging data science and AI, to gain a deeper understanding of patients, their behaviors, needs, diseases,… enabling more personilized care.
  • Value-based coordination: leveraging data and AI to streamiline care coordination, RWD ingestion and optimize care pathways, while reducing administrative burdens.