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Data management is the foundation of techniques and processes that aim to collect, process and make use of organisations’ data. Efficient data management helps to anticipate risks, reduce delays and improve operational efficiency. Mastering and leveraging your data management environment offers a major competitive advantage, improving business performance and customer experience.  

ALTEN, with its cross-disciplinary expertise in data ingestion, transformation, analysis and retrieval, designs customised solutions to meet its customers’ needs. By combining its engineering culture with its understanding of business issues, ALTEN focuses its support on leveraging data to fulfil operational use cases. To this end, ALTEN calls on the skills of its subsidiaries LINCOLN and SDG Group, which has specialised in data solutions for more than 30 years.

Data optimisation:
driving transformation

In the last ten years, the volume of data generated or replicated globally has increased thirty-fold. Technological and digital developments have allowed us to process these large volumes reliably and quickly. Artificial intelligence offers many advances to improve data quality, accessibility and security. These contributions are especially salient for the manufacturing and service sectors, where artificial intelligence can apply to many areas such as offer personalisation, fraud detection, chatbots, and automating and optimising production processes. 

Migrating to cloud computing environments is also key to much more responsive “real-time” data management. 

Data is the common denominator of any digital transformation. The ALTEN Group has the technical expertise and flexibility required to create the best data management solutions and offer end-to-end support, from consulting to project deployment.  

Our data-specialist subsidiaries

For nearly 30 years, the SDG Group is a global management consulting firm, having a leading vision in the practices of Data & Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Business AI, and Corporate Performance Management. Mainly skilled in Business Analytics, Data Management, Data Science, AI and Performance Management, the SDG Group is part of the ALTEN Group since 2020. 

LINCOLN is a French consulting firm, pure player Data, that helps companies enhance their data. Lincoln combines technical and functional skills to meet its customers’ needs. Its experience enables it to offer tailor-made solutions: consulting on architecture issues, data governance, Data Literacy or expert support for data processing. 

Our expertise

Data Integration & Base

Design, deploy and modernise your data architectures

ALTEN supports its customers in designing and modernising their data environments: ingestion, storage, transformation and migration. 

We support you in building the technological foundation to make the most of your data and meet your business needs. 

We work to make the data accessible, structuring it so that it can be used more effectively. Our architects and data engineers will help you set up your data pipelines in any cloud computing, big data or on-premise environment.  We work to make the data accessible, structuring it so that it can be used more effectively. Our architects and data engineers will help you set up your data pipelines in any cloud computing, big data or on-premise environment.  

A cloud computing environment

ALTEN helped one of its customers modernise its data platform by migrating its historical application assets to a cloud computing environment. The teams developed pipelines and use cases on Google Cloud Platform.  

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Develop advanced algorithms in deep and machine learning and industrialise them to meet your organisation’s business and operational challenges

Our engineers can intervene throughout the data lifecycle, from acquisition to processing and operations.   

  • Define use cases that incorporate structured and unstructured data and set up the pipeline  
  • Develop and implement algorithms using machine learning, NLP, and computer vision techniques  
  • Deploy and maintain models in production with a MLops approach  

The Innovation Department invests heavily in generative AI solutions, which allows specialized SDG/LINCOLN solutions to support our clients in the implementation of AI engines adapted to their operational context. 

A new passengers experience

A customer entrusted ALTEN with implementing and industrialising algorithms to improve the prediction of passenger flows in real time. The aim was to improve passengers’ experience of their daily commute.   

Data Visualisation
& Business Intelligence (BI)

Monitor your operational indicators 

Providing indicators to aid decision-making requires its own set of expertise that allows us to measure the value added from our use of data. 
Our expertise in business intelligence & data visualisation aims to provide tools to represent data in a dynamic, clear and concise way. Raw data is transformed into static or dynamic views to help you understand and steer your activities. 
The benefits: 

  • Improve understanding of results to make quick and informed decisions based on reliable feedback  
  • Democratise the use of data: make it easier to communicate and share data analysis results with non-technical audiences. Expand self-BI within your teams 

Our experts work with you to develop dashboards in your chosen technology. Our Data Studio is here to work on the design and ergonomics of your applications (UX/UI).  

Creation of a Data Factory

ALTEN helped one of its customers, a large international group, to develop activity management applications. The ALTEN teams created a data factory around Power BI within the Analysis and Performance Management Department.   

Data Analysis

Leverage your data to improve performance and decision support

Data analysis and statistical processing for modelling and forecasting purposes allows us to respond to business and industrial issues. Our data analysts and data managers make sense of your data to improve customer experience, stock forecasting, risk monitoring and regulatory compliance and to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns and offers.  We have a full understanding of the business problems companies can face and tackle them with digital technology.  

  • Analysis and modelling  
  • Data enrichment to tackle business problems 
  • Digital transformation: leverage data interpretation and tackle business issues so companies can implement their transformation strategy faster   

Anticipating & Monitoring data

ALTEN assisted one of its customers in anticipating and monitoring future non-quality costs by analysing existing data from domains such as purchasing, quality, and the supply chain. This allowed us to anticipate and reduce non-quality by 20%.  

Data Governance

Control and share your data knowledge

Data governance is an essential part of corporate data management. It ensures the quality, security and relevance of the data used while promoting collaboration and reducing the risks associated with data management.  

Our experts can help you implement data governance strategies that encourage data quality and foster a true data culture.  

Identifying and validating a single data source

ALTEN teams assisted one customer in identifying and validating a single data source for its manufacturing activities. This source is considered official by all stakeholders in the company, which facilitates the exchange and interpretation of results.   

Benefits of the offer

ALTEN uses a dual consulting/deployment approach with support from data specialists like LINCOLN. ALTEN works closely with the business units to measure the ROI obtained from operational data use cases.  

What we can do:  

  • Provide technical and functional expertise in the context of your project 
  • Apply the principles of the best and most advanced methodologies (Design Thinking, Agile) to ensure a proper requirement collection and the definition of a best-in-class user experience in access and interaction with the solutions 
  • Offer consulting to devise your data strategy from an architectural, solutions or even organisational point of view 
  • Build a service or skills centre to deploy and maintain features and accelerate the modernisation of your environments 

ALTEN and data – key figures

  • Number of projects in 2022: over 1,200 projects delivered 
  • Sector breakdown: telecommunications, energy, banking, finance and insurance, automotive, aerospace and health
  • Geographical distribution: offices in France (Paris, Toulouse, Sophia, Nantes, Lille), an outsourced data skills centre in Morocco 
  • Two specialist, pure-player brands in data: Lincoln for France, SDG Spain, Italy, USA, UK, Portugal, Egypt & Middle East 
  • Four professions in data: Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Visualisation, Machine Learning Engineer  
  • Five Innovation Labs specialised in data 

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