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The Smart Data Exchange program

Digital data production is growing exponentially. New, Big Data technologies allow us to handle this growing volume of data efficiently and cost-effectively. The Smart Data Exchange Research Programme aims to automate data preparation, tool selection and the validation of different artificial intelligence models to aid data scientists’ work.

Context and challenges of the Smart Data Exchange program

A veritable data factory driven by artificial intelligence, Smart Data Exchange has been designed to assist data scientists
An initial platform collects, qualifies and reconciles data from various sources. A second platform assists the first in designing and examining its analysis pipelines while verifying the security-by-design aspects. All digital technologies are evaluated and applied: cloud computing tools, semantic data management and natural language processing, machine and deep learning, meta-learning, cybersecurity, etc.

This programme innovates through its design of an artificial intelligence (AI) targeted to the following applications:

  • Automation of basic Big Data processing

  • Support for the design of artificial intelligence algorithms based on a library of algorithms and a virtual assistant

  • Automatic detection of anomalies in streaming data

  • Skills mapping and mission assessment for human resources management

  • Project management and knowledge capitalisation

  • Analysis and traceability of requirements to assess a product’s compliance with standards

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and digitisation of information