The Smart Green & Secure Systems program - ALTEN Group

The Smart Green & Secure Systems program

The exponential growth of connected systems and objects worldwide is enabling the invention of new, more efficient, more responsible use cases that are accessible to all. Smart Green & Secure Systems offers innovative technological solutions that enable these use cases to be carried out and secured while maintaining a very high level of eco-responsibility.

Context and challenges of the Smart Green & Secure Systems program

The Smart Green & Secure Systems research program brings together innovative projects in the field of embedded systems, focusing on security, eco-design, ambient intelligence and swarm systems. Its projects are focused on the development of different platforms, including 3D simulations, IoT, blockchain, and NLP.

This programme addresses the issue of measuring the carbon footprint in eco-design on three levels: software (embedded or application), connected objects, and complex systems. 

In 2021, ALTEN received the “Jury’s Favourite” award in the “Corporate Strategy” category of the Responsible Digital Technology Awards, organised by the Institut du Numérique Responsable, based in particular on the work carried out within this programme.

The innovation of the Smart Green & Secure Systems Programme lies in the combination of technology and usage:

  • Security management:
    • Use of blockchain in IoT
    • Access to data via authentication based on the use of 3D models and biometrics
    • Securing embedded applications

  • Ambient services:
    • Detection of user intent in natural language
    • Natural language programming

  • Smart mobile systems:
    • Hybrid and autonomous drone systems for swarm deployment
    • 3D simulation platform for the qualification of image processing algorithms

  • Eco-design:
    • Test bench for measuring the consumption of embedded systems
    • Eco-design of smart systems (Cloud/Edge/Mist)