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The Smart Quality & Green Supply Chain program

Smart Quality & Green Supply Chain investigates the use of digital technologies to bring Quality and Supply Chain departments into a new, more interactive and environmentally responsible era, similar to Industry 4.0. The use of artificial intelligence and digitised data allows for more responsiveness, transparency and intelligence in day-to-day decision-making, but also for significant long-term improvements

Context and challenges of the Smart Quality & Green Supply Chain program

The Smart Quality and Green Supply Chain program is based on the realisation that there is an increasing amount of data to process before making a decision, and that decisions and their consequences need to be tested before they are implemented. In other words: decisions must always be secure, fast, effective and add great value.

The programme aims to help Quality and Supply Chain players make these decisions as calmly as possible, using tools and methods developed by ALTEN.

  • Optimisation of Quality Control and Quality System tools to pre-process the information and pre-identify the areas of action according to the AI’s recommendations

  • Supporting the transformation of the supply chain (train, truck, plane, ship, factory) to help the sector transform and achieve its carbon neutrality objectives. This transformation, based on digitalisation, interconnection and multimodality, must not be achieved at the expense of CO2 emissions and the risk that these changes entail. ALTEN is therefore working on developing optimisation solutions in these three areas

Areas of expertise

  • ISO and Standards
  • Quality management system
  • Quality control
  • Non-compliance management
Supply Chain
  • Simulation and Optimisation
  • Operational Research
  • Green, Lean Management and risk management/reduction
  • Digital twins
  • NLP, AI & Big data