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ALTEN, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises and Siemens France join forces to facilitate the development of industrial 5G

March 7, 2023 – At the Global Industrie trade show held at Lyon’s Parc Eurexpo, ALTEN, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises and Siemens France signed a three-year partnership for the development of Industrial 5G.

This partnership between ALTEN, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises and Siemens France is intended to drive the use of industrial 5G in France by pooling their respective expertise and detailed understanding of industrial and network issues. The collaboration beween these three organisations is aimed at CAC 40-listed companies and medium-sized French firms. Its main mission will be to roll out Industry 4.0 solutions by providing dedicated, tailored support for clients in terms of auditing, transformation drivers and implementation.

Bouygues Telecom’s 5G network and private network solutions, guaranteeing the type of connectivity required by Industry 4.0 ( very high speed, lower latency, easier object control ), will be coupled with Siemens France Customer Services’ IoT solutions and ALTEN’s expertise in practically implementing and integrating these technologies in line with the transformation challenges of customers’ industrial sites. This partnership will enable the industrial scale-up of these new opportunities by ensuring rapid deployment and an optimal return on investment. Similarly, it will facilitate change management among the customer’s employees (technicians, workshop managers, etc.) by delivering interactive training that incorporates 5G knowledge, Siemens’ simulation capabilities and ALTEN’s technological and business expertise.

Joining forces to address the challenges of Industry 4.0, the three companies will create customised support packages incorporating multiple uses of 5G for manufacturers to accelerate the digital transition. This approach, which combines extensive knowledge of industrial and IoT issues with experience of public and private 5G networks, is unprecedented in the French market.


« We wanted to combine our expertise with that of ALTEN and Siemens France in order to better support our industrial customers in their digital transformation processes. Under this partnership, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises will offer connectivity tailored to the needs of different industries, ensuring quality of service, network security and low latency. These industrial 5G networks will be deployed in private, public or hybrid mode and will address different use cases such as the control of critical applications, augmented reality or automated robots, with which IoT and M2M solutions can be combined via our dedicated Objenious brand. »

has said Jean-Christophe Ravaux, Bouygues Telecom BtoB Market Director

« The latest industrial communication requirements are forcing market players to rethink how their factories and production lines are designed. From ‘augmented’ operators through to predictive maintenance and AGVs, equipment such as our router – which is tailored to the requirements of 5G – can meet such challenges of streamlined resource management, network load and large-scale personalised services for operational performance. »

has said Vincent Jauneau, Directeur Digital Industries VP Siemens France.

In 2023, the industrial 5G partnership between ALTEN, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises and Siemens France will have four objectives:

  • Work to evangelise the challenges presented by Industry 4.0 and Industrial 5G
  • Implement a practical solution for marketing and deploying common solutions by bringing the various business and commercial units closer together;
  • Build “ready-to-deploy” solutions and use cases in situations where the use of 5G is particularly justified (digital twins, prescriptive maintenance, augmented reality, energy performance, etc.);
  • Create structured service offerings (digital maturity audit, connectivity audit, training, etc.).

« Our ambition in joining this unprecedented tripartite partnership is to combine human and artificial intelligence to meet the transformation challenges of our clients in the Smart Factory 4.0. In this way, through our strong industry presence and the expertise of our consultants, combined with the technologies of our partners, our customers will benefit from greater flexibility and resilience in production while minimising cost, time and environmental footprint and maintaining a high quality level. »

has said Gualtiero Bazzana, Executive Director ALTEN France IT Services.


Manufacturers will have access to demonstrations and practical illustrations of the advantages afforded by the integration of 5G solutions within the three demonstrators (dedicated places) established as part of this partnership, i.e.:

  • Bouygues Telecom: InnoLab for Enterprise, a demonstrator of private 5G and its use cases, particularly in the industrial sector.
  • Siemens France: Digital Experience Center (DEC), demonstrators for the manufacturing and process industry. Automation & Industrial IoT technologies.
  • ALTEN: ALTEN Labs, Factory 4.0 demonstrators for the Manufacturing sector. IT/OT convergence technologies

Through this partnership, ALTEN, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises and Siemens France are joining forces to accelerate the emergence of the industry of the future in France by providing support for French companies in their use of 5G.


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