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Space Big Data to protect the environment

Better understanding climate change and protecting the marine ecosystem through data collected by observation satellites: this is the technological and environmental challenge of the Space sector taken up by ALTEN teams.

They are involved in the development of increasingly refined and powerful data processing techniques, thus contributing to the development of essential new technologies to protect the environment.

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“The oceanographic data transmitted by satellites in the form of images will be recovered, corrected and used to calculate water levels, analyze the evolution of tides… In short, it is about meeting the environmental challenges of tomorrow!”

Damien Ségur, ALTEN Space Project Manager

“ALTEN’s Innovation Department launched the energy-efficient driving app project ‘Happy Drive’ because one of the factors for successfully reducing CO2 consumption will involve changing people’s driving habits.”

Sébastien Hervieu, Innovation Manager

Drive smart

Energy-efficient driving is a technique that reduces fuel consumption, an issue at the heart of societal concerns and current regulations.

Discover some good practices that promote more economical, ecological and safe driving, as well as the research project conducted by ALTEN’s Innovation Department.

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How to accelerate your digital transformation with RPA?

The initiation phase of the RPA approach is an essential and structuring one to guarantee an efficient deployment base. It allows you to identify and select the processes that will be the best candidates for automation.

Mobilizing and raising awareness among your teams, defining their expectations, collecting the right process metrics, building an eligibility matrix… these are the key steps of the initiation phase.

Find out the tips and initiatives to efficiently launch an RPA project.

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“A RPA project cannot be improvised and requires a global and integrated approach gathering process, technology and teams.”

Christophe Biava, Offshore IT Development ALTEN Manager

“An eco-design completed without additional development costs for data centres and data transit guarantees 30% savings on the total IT energy consumption.”

Steve Peguet, ALTEN Scientific Director

Combining eco-design and IT: a future initiative

Green coding is about ensuring that the code uses as few processor instructions and as little memory space as possible to reduce energy consumption and therefore the cost of the machines that process it.

ALTEN trains its young IT engineers to have a stake in green code development and implements metrics tools through R&D projects in the eco-design of intelligent systems in the Rail, Aeronautics, Automotive, Defense sectors…

Find out how to meet this dual ecological and economic challenge for the IT industry.

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