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Energy-efficient driving: How to

Energy-efficient driving is a technique that reduces fuel consumption and is therefore an environmentally friendly and money-saving solution.

The issues surrounding energy-efficient driving are directly linked to current social and political concerns. In recent years, European regulations have become increasingly strict on the emission of greenhouse gases from vehicles.

Beyond the technological innovations that reduce CO2 emissions, noncompliance with such regulations may carry heavy fines for manufacturers. Energy-efficient driving is one way to offset them.

Happy Drive: A Yuka-style energy-efficient driving app

ALTEN Labs is going even further in helping drivers become more energy-efficient with Happy Drive, a connected eco-assistant research project.

This solution would merge five different data sources in order to provide innovative advice tailored to the user’s profile.

“ALTEN’s Innovation Department launched the energy-efficient driving app project Happy Drive because one of the factors for successfully reducing CO2 consumption will involve changing people’s driving habits.”

Sébastien Hervieu, Innovation Manager

Data fusion will be the game changer

Virtuous energy-efficient driving practices are not necessarily intuitive. Good practices and coaching services need to be developed for drivers with the aim of teaching an energy-efficient driving style.

To this end, connected energy-efficient driving apps, harnessing the fusion of data, will enable these behaviours to become second nature.

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