The challenges of migrating to the Cloud

For several years now, the adoption of the Cloud has been a major digital transformation issue, requiring companies to deal with emerging technologies: 5G, IA, IoT, cybersecurity, etc. Following the pandemic, they have also had to speed up their adoption of digital tools in response to the problems caused by the crisis.

Companies are having to rethink their IT infrastructure and services to make them more agile and migrate to the Cloud. This future-turned-reality is also accompanied by an awareness of IT resource management – not only in financial terms, but also in terms of eco-responsibility. The Cloud allows better management of server costs and of data applications.

However, we are now seeing a shortage of advanced skills in this area. In addition to the technical scope of the cloud, there is a need to review operating methods too: more agility, better financial management of IT resources, digital sobriety, etc.

Migrating to the Cloud requires transferring the hosting of your applications to a Cloud solution (public, hybrid, private cloud or an AWS-type multicloud), while ensuring that data security and confidentiality issues are addressed. It is therefore vital to choose the most suitable migration strategy for your infrastructure: the application architecture may or may not remain the same, depending on the chosen strategy.

The 3 steps of migration to the Cloud

Lay the foundations
security, governance, financial monitoring, identity management
Train consultants in new technical skills:
Cloud, DevOps, Automation…
Construct an SRE* strategy
*Site Reliability Engineering

Teams of experts armed to confront the challenges of the Cloud and digital transformation.

In its work helping companies to meet the challenges of transforming their information systems and successfully and securely migrating to the Cloud, ALTEN relies on its dedicated Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps teams.

The Group can also draw upon the expertise of its subsidiaries such as LINCOLN, in Data management, and UNIWARE, a specialist in Cloud and DevOps skills for implementing Cloud solutions of all kinds.

ALTEN teams are effective partners who can help you outsource your infrastructure to the Cloud – if you choose IaaS – or advise you to improve the IT performance of your company, if you opt for a SaaS-type solution instead.

Analysis from our Cloud & Infra expert

« Our customers are at a historic turning point in their professional activity; they are having to rethink their IT infrastructures to make them more agile and migrate towards the Cloud. However, skills in these areas are both very specific and quite rare. That’s where ALTEN comes in.”»

Pascal Deshayes, ALTEN Cloud & Infra Practice Manager

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