The rise of Internet and the democratisation of digital technology have led to an exponential development of positive uses that are now a common part of our daily lives. But they have also left the door open to other forms of use which constitute real risks of varying magnitude, and may affect individuals, professionals or even States.

In the face of increasing software attacks and the emergence of “as a service” threats, the cyber risk continues to intensify through attackers who are becoming more professional as quickly as, or even faster than, the defence can be organised. In response to these risks, cybersecurity is now a necessity.

Cybersecurity is still relatively unknown and not always well enough controlled, yet it is an essential discipline to which ALTEN contributes. And the starting point for this is a good understanding of what it covers.

Cyber warfare: who and what are we talking about?

Attackers with a variety of profiles
State-sponsored, cyber-mafia, individual hackers, etc.
Increasingly powerful and complex multi-vector attacks
Ransomware, Distributed Denial of Service, Supply Chain attacks, etc.
Many challenges for Information Systems Security Managers (ISSMs)
Defence in depth, Identity Access Management, enhanced Cloud protection, DevSecOps, etc.

Preparing for defence by better understanding the threat

Using real-life cases, Laurent Vromman offers an overview of the major cyber-trends of the coming months in a three-part dossier:

Our goal?
To raise awareness and provide training to better protect our information systems – and those of our customers!


“It’s a real game of cat and mouse, with hackers becoming more professional at a speed that matches the pace at which companies are countering their threats; cybersecurity will continue to be a fascinating topic, and the coming months will be packed with learning experiences and great advances in this field.”

Laurent Vromman – Director of IT Practices and Cybersecurity Practice Manager, ALTEN

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