By studying the oceans, such as sea height, we can monitor our planet’s climate change and protect the marine ecosystems. Observation satellites play a key role in this.

The camera/radar images and raw data provided by the sensors, several hundred kilometres from the analysed surface, must be pre-processed before they can be used. The collection coupled with the management of this data in large numbers and information allow the analysis with the help of artificial intelligence, the implementation of protection devices.

With its experience in Space Big Data, ALTEN is devising increasingly refined, powerful data processing techniques for its customers to contribute to the development of essential new technologies to protect the environment.

Scope of oceanographic data

Observing the impact of humans on marine ecosystems and detecting hydrocarbon degassing
Preventing natural disasters and permitting sea rescues
Promoting sustainable fishing by monitoring maritime areas and their state of exploitation/overexploitation

Our expert’s testimony

« The oceanographic data transmitted by satellites in the form of images will be recovered, corrected and used to calculate water levels, analyze the evolution of tides… In short, it is about meeting the environmental challenges of tomorrow! »

Damien Ségur, ALTEN Space Project Manager


Satellite ocean observation: making the data more reliable

Ocean observation is possible using data provided by satellites (radar imagery, photo sensors) and a large network of buoys and beacons. However, the raw data cannot be used due to potential alterations by the sun, the camera angle, the atmosphere, or the presence of clouds.

It is crucial for the data to be corrected through processing. With the goal of obtaining more precise and qualitative data, the issue has become technological. Discover all of ALTEN’s news on this subject and complete information in the article below.

In response, the ALTEN teams are working on developing and optimising data processing systems.

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