Facilitate virtual training for industrial jobs

ALTEN and SIEMENS Digital Industries combine their technological expertise to facilitate virtual training for industrial jobs

At the 2024 edition of the Global Industrie trade fair, held from 25 to 28 March at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre, SIEMENS Customer Services of Digital Industries and ALTEN have signed a partnership agreement to support industrial companies in the large-scale training of their employees using SIEMENS’ Virtual Training Solution (VTS).  The partnership aims to revolutionize the professional training of operators and maintenance personnel by providing them with an immersive, effective and safe experience to promote the digitalization of French industry.

SIEMENS offers manufacturers a cutting-edge technological solution for remote training of employees in the use of production machines. Employees benefit from personalised, interactive, fun and gamified online training, which increases their motivation to learn. ALTEN, European leader in high-tech engineering and consulting, supports major companies in their technological development strategy. 

With this new partnership, the VTS platform combines SIEMENS and ALTEN’s technological, industrial, and pedagogical engineering expertise. The platform is then deployed to industrial clients by ALTEN and SIEMENS. To provide a personalized experience, ALTEN assesses the specific needs of each client, creates 3D models, and customizes training scenarios. Finally, SIEMENS ensures the implementation of the technical solution in SaaS mode, technical support, updates, and platform maintenance. 

This new partnership is the result of several months of collaboration between SIEMENS and ALTEN on the VTS platform. This innovative solution accelerates workforce qualification in a sustainable manner while improving product assembly and maintenance quality.


“Convinced that the success of a company relies on its talents, I am proud that SIEMENS and ALTEN are putting their respective expertise at the service of training all industrial operators.”

Jean-Marie Saint-Paul, CEO of SIEMENS Digital Industries France

“The VTS solution opens a field of new intelligent 3D training technologies, closely aligned with the on-the-ground needs of operators and the customization and large-scale deployment needs of industrial players. Through this partnership, we pursue our ambition to facilitate and democratize the integration of cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of upskilling all industry stakeholders.”

Gualtiero Bazzana, Executive Director of the ALTEN Group

For an integrated experience, users can access training from a computer, a mobile device, in virtual reality, and augmented reality. Through this immersive experience, operators and maintenance personnel can observe the machine from all angles, using and maintaining it as they see fit. This will improve the quality of assembly and maintenance without requiring the actual commissioning of machines or equipment, thus ensuring personnel safety as well.

The VTS solution is particularly beneficial for new employees, new machines, new products, and new tasks. Client companies can also track learners’ progress through statistical data. VTS offers both safety and financial savings, as users can train on virtual machines and learn from their mistakes.

The VTS platform allows manufacturers to make significant time savings and reduce their maintenance costs, thereby improving their competitiveness. SIEMENS and ALTEN are delighted with this new partnership, which aims to facilitate the growth of Industry 4.0 in France.

Laurent Mismacque, Director of Digital Services at SIEMENS Digital Industries