Design of onshore wind turbines - ALTEN Group

Design of onshore wind turbines

Thanks to an increasingly competitive cost, wind has become one of the pillars of decarbonised energy production in the world. ALTEN supports a global leader in wind turbines in mechanical design, the definition of instrumentation-control laws, electro technical studies, software development and the analysis of host sites.

In order to exploit the kinetic energy of the wind efficiently, a wind turbine must optimise the shape and dimension of the blades and its location, but also effectively control start-up, shutdown, and the direction of the wind turbine. Exposed to extreme winds and bad weather, it must be hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Relying on a service centre with more than 50 engineers, Alten Spain intervenes in several fields of engineering in wind-based energies:

  • Aerodynamic studies (site study, calculation of critical loads and the noise generated, etc.)
  • Definition of instrumentation control laws
  • Development of embedded software
  • Mechanical design (tower, nacelle and blades)
  • Calculation of structure (static scaling and fatigue simulation)

Recognised by its client as “one of its key partners” in engineering, ALTEN actively supports the acceleration of the energy transition process in many countries.