Data Science revolutionizes airline operations

An impressive 40 million flights take to the skies every year. A single A350 constantly records 400,000 parameters and generates 250 GB of data per flight. So, it is no surprise that from initial testing through to operation, aircraft systems create a massive volume of data.
Gathering and extracting value from all of this data is extremely useful for purposes like delivering customer support, increasing operational reliability, and creating new services for airlines. Data is now a key factor in all Airbus projects.


As recently as a few years ago, air transportation industry stakeholders were not really using data. Today, however, data is a major business driver. It is now unconceivable to develop a system without considering the structure and content of flight data. And data analysis is a prerequisite to customer support services for airlines. Data is transforming all aspects of air transportation, from aircraft manufacturers’ design processes through to operations, and, especially, maintenance.

ALTEN’s end-to-end approach has placed the company at the crossroads of aeronautics, business intelligence, and data sciences. This unique market position enables ALTEN to bring its customers unparalleled value.

“We know what the data is made up of. We also know how to gather it. And we have the skills to develop new services,” Pierre-François Péchin – Technical Director.

“We set up cross functional teams with aeronautics engineers, data scientists, developers, and more business-oriented engineers to address issues from all angles. Our capacity to build end-to-end solutions meets Airbus’ exponentially-growing need for specialized know-how particularly well. Airbus also benefits from our experiences in other industries.”


Predict, model, improve

Data science is just beginning to be explored. The wide range of possible applications includes predictive capabilities to completely transform aircraft maintenance and achieve 100% uptime, optimize traffic management, and deliver a richer traveler experience thanks to business intelligence.

Mr Péchin said, “Generally speaking, all industries— telecommunications, banking, finance, insurance, retail, and the service industry—are concerned by new technology-driven approaches. ALTEN is fully prepared to support the emergence of these approaches within its customers’ organizations to improve processes and integrate new business intelligence capabilities.”

“ALTEN’s capacity to build end-to-end solutions meets Airbus’ exponentially growing need for specialized know-how particularly well. Airbus also benefits from our experiences in other industries” Pierre-François Péchin – ALTEN Technical Director



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