Coca-Cola's CPS Division Launches OEE-SPC Project

Coca-Cola’s CPS Division Launches OEE-SPC Project for Global Efficiency Boost: A Digital Transformation Milestone in Partnership with Expert Global Solutions

The Coca-Cola Company – Commercial Product Supply division (CPS) has launched the project OEE-SPC for real time performance measurement and improvement across all their global locations, as part of the Digital Transformation Journey – Plant of Future Initiative. Expert Global Solutions – An Alten Company will provide technical and functional assistance and project management.

Through this project, CPS plants forecast to achieve an efficiency improvement of 30%. State-of-the-art technology solution backed by the advancements in IIoT and Big Data will enable the plants to monitor shopfloors in near real time and open new avenues for efficiency improvement.

Gigy Philip (CPS Transformation Director), Jean-Louis Boyer (CPS Digital Change Leader), Prashant Deshpande (Managing Director, EGS) and Mitali Mishra (CTO – Digital Solutions, EGS) were present at the time of kick-off of the project at Coca-Cola Ballina, largest concentrate facility recognized in WEF Global Lighthouse Network.

“EGS has been instrumental in realizing the initial versions of this application in last 5 years with successful implementation at Coca-Cola Midi and Pune Concentrate Plants. We are sure EGS will be the right partner to realize the vision set forth by Coca-Cola Leadership Team.”

said Jean-Louis Boyer.

“Team at EGS is very excited and fully geared to work with Coca-Cola team and achieve the targets set out and to leverage upon the great experience of working with Coca-Cola teams over last decade.”

added Prashant Deshpande.

“EGS is very proud of working with CPS in this global Digital Transformation project.”

Mitali Mishra was quoted.

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