Planning and design of mini-satellites - ALTEN Group

Planning and design of mini-satellites

To provide very-high-speed internet to everyone, especially in areas difficult to reach for the terrestrial network, there is a project to launch a constellation of more than 600 mini-satellites in a low orbit whose commissioning started early 2022. ALTEN is working on the mechanical design, thermal calculations and AIT (Assembly, Integration & Test) for these telecommunications mini-satellites (platform & payload).

Each mini-satellite is very compact, weighing less than 200 kg and are also designed to be mass produced. This innovative project is a real technological challenge for the engineers.

ALTEN has set up a delivery centre to design sub-systems such as the photovoltaic panel module payload (antennae) or the launcher’s interface by getting involved with the following issues:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Static, dynamic, and thermoelastic analysis
  • Inspecting and approving assembly plans
  • Defining test specifications

With engineers who have between 10 and 15 years of experience in the field of satellites, ALTEN has supported the client in an international collaboration project with an agile approach.