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Market Trends

New SpaceLearn more

New private actors and the miniaturisation of electronics have shaken up access to space. The market has switched quickly from “custom-built” satellites worth more than €100 million with an operational lifespan of 15 years to mass-produced satellites made each week, costing just tens of thousands of euros and lasting between 3 and 5 years.

Since 2011, nano/microsatellite launches have increased by 200% per year. More than 2,600 nano/microsatellites will be launched in space over the next 5 years (SpaceWorks).


  • Implement serial production of satellites
  • Triple the frequency of launches
  • Avoid the risk of collision in orbit
  • Manage constellation replenishment
  • Preserving the space environment and addressing the problem of space debris
Reduced launch costLearn more

Launching a satellite can account for nearly a third of the overall cost. In this context, reducing launch costs is a key factor of competitiveness in the space sector.

While Ariane 6 promises 40% lower costs compared to Ariane 5, Europe wants to go further by developing a reusable liquid oxygen engine demonstrator (Prometheus) to divide the cost of current engine production by 10. On the American side, SpaceX aims to reuse a launcher within 24 hours and to halve the cost of the mission.


  • Speed up time to market of new launchers
  • Set up a production system clocked and in series
  • Study the solutions of reusable launchers / micro-launchers
Big Data & ServicesLearn more

As one of the largest collectors of environmental and climate data, the space sector wants to share and make accessible its data and above all monetise it by creating new services with added value (i.e. agricultural harvest predictions).

Today, only 35% of satellites are used for commercial purposes (Forbes).


  • Master new IT technologies (Cloud, Big Data, AI, etc.)
  • Transform the industrial and economic model
  • Rethinking the ground segment’s IT architecture
  • Make data easily accessible to end users

ALTEN Value Proposition

An international partner
750 space engineers in 10 countries
in flight mechanics, mechanical-structure, embedded system (electronics and software) and IT ground segment(infrastructure deployment, SLI & IVV)
IT skills & Networks (Agile, Big Data, AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, UX/UI design...) / Ground Segment applications development
in AIT (Assembly, Integration & Test), Electrical and avionics architecture design, Simulation and validation of optical instruments

Our Success Stories

The mechanical design and aerodynamics of the future European launcherLearn more

Modular, flexible and competitive, the new European launcher is intended to provide the best launch solution to businesses and institutions by 2020. As a historical partner of aerospace manufacturers, ALTEN actively participates in their development in various fields (structure, thermal, flight mechanical engineering, etc.).

Learn more
Satellites' Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT)Learn more

ALTEN capitalises on more than 20 years of know-how in preparations for the assembly, validation tests and final integration (before launch) of various satellites for CNES and other industrial customers.

Learn more
Mini-satellites : design and system installationLearn more

To provide very-high-speed internet to everyone, especially in areas difficult to reach for the terrestrial network, there is a project to launch a constellation of 900 mini-satellites in a low orbit whose commissioning should begin in 2019. ALTEN is working on the mechanical design and thermal calculations for these telecommunications mini-satellites.

Learn more
Image processing chain engineeringLearn more

There are many fields of application for Earth observation such as the environment, defence, geology, climatology, telecommunications, and IoT objects. ALTEN is involved in the study, development and maintenance of the complete image processing chains for the satellite observation systems of a major player in the space sector.

Learn more


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